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Arenas and, and condos and that, you know is also one of the most visited places in the US seventy five million visitors a year come to see DisneyWorld universal, and all of that is moving through this very congested area and up the highway is just outdated and in dire need of, of repair the challenges, of course doing all. All of that, while you still have in some sections two hundred thousand vehicles a day moving through. I knew that that was a busy area. But what I did not consider, I guess is the way you described how tight the spaces with developments really close to the highway. So there's not a lot of ways you can reroute traffic or bring in the big acquitted. Exactly. I mean, that's one of the biggest challenges of this, and it's something that, you know, other urban areas are experiencing, you know, the, the interstate highway system in some areas decades ago when it was first being built more was much more room to kind of move around in a lot of those areas of now grown up these dense cities that have emerged right along the highway and ended in. And so, at the real, jigsaw, puzzle for the constructor that, that, that handling the project because you obviously have lots of workers, you need to move in lots of pieces of equipment, lots of supplies and materials, and the under the contract, the, the builder is required to keep the same number of lanes open during the day as there were before the project started. A number of things. They, you know, they made the lanes a little tighter. They took a foot off of each lane. So the cars are crammed a little closer. And they're just constantly having to sift traffic to the left onto the median to the right onto the shoulder create temporary ramps create temporary, as just a constant kind of moving things around so that they can create just enough space to be able to work on say one particular lane. And then when they're doing that shift things over work on another piece of it. And that's been just been continuous orchestration, speak with Campo Flores Wall Street Journal reporter. He's written a piece about this massive reconstruction project in central Florida. Interstate four is it limestone to the causes of these unpredictable sinkholes at times while these cruiser driving whatever into the ground? Another big challenge that the that the project is actually one of the reasons why they've, they've had delays on it. So the, the topography of this area is complicated for engineers because it, it is Florida, it has this porous limestone underneath, and its topography that's prone to having cold. And so you need to be very careful in terms of how you go about drilling or banging pilings into the ground support, you know, the bridges and the overpasses and all of the, the structure of the of the interstate. And so they had one incident in this one congested area near downtown where there is an electrical substation. And because of that substation, which is sensitive to vibration, they had to do a different type of, of support for the bridge and ended up failing repeatedly. And so just it's at the project back required. A lot of kind of revamping of plans to, to get around that obstacle. And it's just one more example of the, you know, the challenges that you have and building building in an area like this, this morning's Gordon Deal with our income Flora's of the Wall Street Journal. It's twenty minutes before the hour coming up a look at the discord app..

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