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Muscle pain or other injuries massage can help relieve the pain, so you can get back to your regular exit exercise programs. So any of you guys who are thinking about it? Just go ahead. You know, massage can be a huge benefit. You could always call our office at four zero one two four five eight seven eight four and will lead you to the right? Massage therapist because they all specialize in different areas. Whether it's sports more intuitive type of massage that Carol does or it's, you know, athletes, more that Alan does, you know? Well, we'll get you that right information. So what are the five foods that I'm gonna tell you to stay away for them for I think, you guys already know this. But you know, we have to be careful with sugar a two thousand seven it'll Italian study published by the American journal clinical nutrition showed a correlation between increase takes in foods with a high glycemic index and breast cancer sugar is just one of many high glycemic index foods, including baked goods, candy, pasta, an other refined carbohydrates foods with a high glycemic index are those that have a significant impact on the blood sugar blood glucose rises, the body releases the hormone insulin when insulin is high in the in the bloodstream also known as hyperinsulinemia. Nia? It also increases the level of circulating free estrogen. Moreover, breast tissue both cancerous and normal contain insulin receptors when the insulin or estrogen attached to these receptors it causes cell division, which bells disaster for breast cancer, some natural plant foods are considered to have a high glycemic index. I tend to believe that, you know, fruits, although there high in sugar they're high in mono SaK rights, they're not high in type of sugar that's in a Hershey bar. So you get a lot of nutrients and compounds that you need from fruit. So who has ever out there saying that fruit is too high and sugar? I would totally disagree. Then you have to be careful for what a call hetero. Cyclic means. We've talked about that more on the show before it's basically when you're grilling is frequently touted as that healthiest way to cook beat this may not be so grilling certain animal. Proteins the high temperatures can increase hetero. Cyclic a means were which are mutagenic cancer causing compound. According to the cancer project. The worst offenders included well done chicken breasts while done steak, pork, salmon and well done hamburger. So when you see the the black part when you're grilling. That's the heterosexual means what you can do to control that is cut the meet up smaller and cook it quicker, but don't cook it till it's like the black part. And I know some of you are saying, oh, that's the best part. Well, you know, there's a price to pay. So be careful high fat animal products, high fat diet raises estrogen and prolapse in levels, which in turn give rise to hormone dependent cancers such as breast cancer and Endo metro cancer. Many commonly consumed animal products are not only rich and fat in general, but in cholesterol containing saturated fat, which is the type that is. Extremely problematic for health the bottom line. Will you need some fat in your diet? Get it from avocado seats knots do not use margins. I actually did my feces on trans fatty acids back in the nineteen late nine days. And my teacher didn't even think my professor didn't even think that that was a good subject. But I found a lot of information out of Europe. And who knew years later, many years later, maybe like twelve years later people started talking about trans fats, and they are connected to causing cancer. So you're better off just having olive oil or real butter in my opinion. So now, we're going to dairy, and you know, of course, when I say that since mall amounts, not large amounts and in order to maintain production dairy, farmers ply their milk producing animals with all kinds of hormones and Cam. Nichols. One of these chemicals is called RGB GBH, which is commonly used an American. Dairy cattle cows milk treated with our GBH has higher levels of another hormone, insulin growth factor. I g f one this hormone is naturally present in humans and it regulates cell differentiation and division. Studies linked elevated levels of IT f- want to increase risk of breast cancer. So if you're gonna have dairy you can or you've been diagnosed, and you think maybe it's not a good idea for you. Or maybe we decide together it's not a good. There's I did a blog on all the different types of milks that are out there now. And I believe I titled it dairy free is trending here is why you can get that on my website on their harm new food dot com under the blog tap, and then artificial sweeteners, God don't get me started. I see people drinking diet sodas way too much. And it's not working guys. So when you consume a diet type of sugar are fake sugar artificial sugar semantics, whatever you wanna call it. It is actually going to raise your insulin levels, very high the reason being even though there's no calories. There's actually it's it's so much weaker than just regular teaspoon of sugar that has sixteen calories. Okay. So it's going to spike those insulin levels. If you are overweight are ready now, those levels are going to go into what we call hyperinsulinemia, which insulin a hormone and insulin too much insulin and our bloodstream can actually cause weight gain. So you can gain weight from drinking diet coke believe it or not. And there's been many many cases where I've had people drink like they were drinking. They I didn't have them. They were already at a regular basis drinking either diet soda or the diet vitamin. Water or they're drinking a diet drink that they don't really even realize has splendor. Or what have you in it? And I show then, you know, anything that says, oh, Allah, and like arith- retrial or sore batali that's a sugar alcohol. That's another type of fake sugar, very bad for you causes a lot of GI distress. And a lot of people, and they don't even realize that's why they're having GI distress. So say away from the artificial sugars, and you know, have a little bit of Honey, there's a huge study out of our own university of Rhode Island that said Honey is very good for the immune system. All right. So foods that may actually be good for us and decrease the risk of cancer is what we're going to talk about necks. And I just want to mention a little story one time when I was working in the hospital years ago. There was a gentleman in the hospital for GI distress. It was really bad. He was kept having, you know, a lot of loose stool, I know. Not a great topic. But a lot of things like not feeling well, not be eating things. And then not just not feeling good at also they did a huge work on him spent thousands and thousands of dollars, and they still didn't know it was wrong. I went in the room. He was eating Sorbo tall candies. Like a whole box a day. That was the problem. So keep your eyes open be aware. And we will be right back. Bluecross blueshield believes everyone should have access to healthcare. That's why are companies are investing community by community for the health of America. Learn more at BC BS, congress health dot com. The Blue Cross Blue shield association is an association of independent locally operated. Bluecross blueshield companies.

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