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I mean, she's she's a very interesting singer. She does that's from her first album, a key from eighteen ninety seven, but I picked up this kind of on a whim at this little store that was described as a Curio shop or something you had a lot of like Mexican wrestling masks and flags from different Latin American countries in it, and then they had all these CD's on the floor. I would say about five hundred CDs or selling for like, a dollar a piece or something. So I picked up a whole bunch of stuff from damn over. The course of however, many months before they closed shop, and this was one of those records. It is so cool that you in your neighborhood in New York City live so close to these places where you can hear the music from Greece Albania, Egypt, Mexico, and many other places really cool. And thank you for bringing some of it to us today. Gary Sullivan, host of Bodega pop live on WFAN twenty four hours. Dream give the term radio. Thanks a lot. Thank you very much for happy. And you could find all of our DJ session picks on Spotify. Just search for NPR here. Now Ross on apple music or a here now. Doc. A fast friendship comes to a screeching halt the president. Sees the news line in the wake of the elections by removing sessions with threatened to do all the time. Jeff Sessions is out as attorney general leaving a big question Mark over the future of the Muller investigation. That's next time on the takeaway from WNYC NPR. I. Stay with us for that story and.

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