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The NHA AD shuttle, but I believe complex for is ADP, h isn't it is that what it's using as the electron acceptors donor. Yes, I I need to possess from what you're saying. So people in the stand the whole purpose of that game three that is done with the foods that we eat is to generate electron donors. Electron donors are going to donate their lecturers do electron transport, and they're only two of them. They in the age and the FA the age and the innate primarily donates to different parts of the electron transport chasing. But the other one the the age only complex too. So you have two entry points complex one and two. And then, and that's why complex to doesn't span the full membrane at sort of sitting there only on the much smaller land complex, the largest one. So these is a key this about chemical K through this phenomenon because but we eat from an energy point of view. He just becoming electron dorms always count. We donate electrons to transport if we could do that we can celebrate reputation because the ultimate electric sector in nature is oxygen. And as what we go oxidation the Brazil removing electrons. And so maintain water. Out of out of all of oxygen, and these protons that are being donated is the ultimate by product of respiration. That's why we breathe out water vapor. And of course, all of this is in service of creating an electron gradient to then fuel the generation of Yeni triphosphate anti p. Yes, what they might have gone to have dawn his coupling, these affinity of oxygen take these electrons that are coming from the food that we eat into a closed system in which. The electri- when they are moving from one complex to the other. They are releasing what is gonna Pearl tongue that is positive recharge and these trap in that inter membrane between the two membranes humane. John they held it on the one and the mattress of the might the Qendra. They more inner malls portion is primarily negative in electrical charge, ions are negative soul. These tones are trying to mold their dragged doors is negativity. Just like when you have the polls in a magnet the pulse. Yvonne, the negative all these what we call electrostatic force there only very few forces in nature like Dacian and these said like dramatic for. So the system was designed in such a way that the protons will leak through a hole and the hole or poor. Or is this complex five and complex five is designed. So that when the pro-tung is pushing through to get from the inner screws me frame voter, inter inter membrane space to the matrix. It clicks changes at confirmation of that Insein dad Moulton generates the energy for a false fade to be bound to ADP and that false as inorganic phosphate. When this is what in chemistry is goal and endothermic reaction its energy in order to happen on his because that moment, and then laid their own when you need some other Insein to work all of this game ical reaction that have the with life are catalyze or may the aided by 'em signs. What this means is up. Do may have the reactions or ready in place, but nothing's going to happen in terms of products or less you provide any. Edgy to the system. So these are goal reaction that when you remove that false fate from the AD be a generates heat, and these what we call calorie, and you can then have a relationship but wanted as a religion with how much forgery how many electrons are donated? How many of these false phase can be broken and generate the hate and that head the just like in chemistry when you had your reactions in a in a beaker, and you have a catalyst and nothing was happening. And then you apply heat, and then all the solving reaction happen to change squalor, for example. And when definite mino- happened STAN week all that I exit or might react on that break, and he feels so the key to the system is to able how come we silly?.

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