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You want me leave any five bucks. Gonna have to buy me this contract, five bucks, man. I'm not even gonna make it to the frigging seven eleven. Well, at least in her defense, Kylie didn't start at someone else started for her. And thankfully I'm almost like it kind of upsets me that it got this high, but it's only up to twenty two hundred dollars to at least people realize like I think she can. She can push yourself over that hump it's it's how much to twenty two hundred. Yeah, that's still that's that's twenty one hundred twenty two hundred dollars of idiot money. Just granted. Almost rather that people that would donate that would go ahead and donate and give it to her so that they don't have the money to do anything with which would hopefully be procreate or anything. Get a day. No, no, no, you don't. That is doing. Then those people are not buying condom, and then they are procreate a good point. I know they just go to Planned Parenthood good for free. It's not free though. We're all in for that, but we are talking to change 'cause we didn't give the money way. We give our government. So technically we just gave her twenty two hundred dollars. It. Is for funding Kelly Jenner. Man. I did read an article today made me think about Chris, the most Chris possible thing ever to happen in the world. Picture of Turkey's neck. No, that's that's just from the back of you. So it's not that off putting. A guy was driving his wife to the hospital because she, you know, thirty eight weeks pregnant head has daughter in the car, and I think she she works Chick-fil-A so they stopped. This has nothing to do with me, stops, stops off at the at the Chick-fil-A. Let her daughter go in. Never be driving a pregnant wife to the hospital ever again. Oh, now that you put that out university screwed yourself. Some things happen by accident, even if you think physically possible. No, it's not. It is likely in this relationship. Life. Life finds a way there's word of Jeff Goldblum. Neither one of us can have kids, so not it'd be a double miracle. Well, the whole point that made me think you isn't just add, so Stampa. All right, so drops the kid off and then the whites like I really go, you'll restroom. So the restaurants that open yet. So they beat on the door. They opened up, let her go the restroom because you know we'll pregnant. Won't gotta go. All right. Go. So she goes and she goes to the restroom, and she's already starting to labor and they're like headed off. It'll proceeds to have the kid in Chick-fil-A. So the dad delivers the kid into flakes she's like a devout Christian woman. It was like one of the big part of the story. The dad takes off his make America. Great again, shirt. Wraps the kid up. So you have a Christian woman, give birth to a child at chick fillet Byan wrapped in a Trump shirt is this is this the second coming of Christ? I. I thought this was baked because there's too much of a right wing story of perfection. It's not fake reading a fall of this kid's career on his birth certificate on the kids bursts to. It says born in Chick-fil-A. And this kid is already been promised to job at fourteen which I don't understand how you can work at fourteen in that state end thirty. Thirty time and a lifetime supply of chick fillet chicken nuggets. Konno's going to be a line of pregnant. Women try to have their baby too. Grace Lin may violet Griffin is the tax name? How do you not name that kid belonging girl? Yeah. Exactly. It would have been even better. Malania Vara baron. Trump Pena trophy to Nancy. Donald Terner, Maria, Margaret. It's just it's just a crazy thing. But yeah, I know I, it was Trump shirt just perfectly. That's not steered. That's the most right wing story. That's that had to be typed up by Chris, and it's got a frigging assist way to the hospital because she had to.

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