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A Channel eight joined them for the first ever televised Give a thon to learn how you can take charge of your heart health. So Brad Martin in the W B A P. Weather center. Well, this is an epic storm. That's for sure. In an epic cold wave as well. Cloudy this morning, but we've seen some breaks in the cloud cover already. Clearing Wendy and extremely cold this afternoon. Those clearing skies don't mean it's going to be any warmer. That's for sure. 14 15 for the high this afternoon, then lows tonight just will bottom out, probably close to zero. Across the entire area. Winds out of the northwest 15 20 dusty windshield warnings are in effect is still dangerous to be outside, and I'm sorry about that seven inches of snow for some kids. It's too cold to go outside and enjoy mostly cloudy and cold tomorrow with a high of 23 low 17 and then winter storm number two snow and sleet likely on Wednesday, right now at WB Ape seven degrees True Patriots Mark Levin, and this is a propaganda event now. Aimed at blaming Donald Trump for the violence that took place. It's that simple, and he's not to blame for any of the violence that took place. Mark Levin today had five on the news and talk of Texas use talking 20 w B a t v ap dot com. Right, 14 after eight o'clock, my friends of off co office furniture at 200 West Rose Del and Fort Worth near the hospital district. My friends there, they know exactly What type of desks and chairs of will make it through a snowstorm. There's no question they can handle all.

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