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And we were talking about the Christmas star. So I pulled Billy how well in here He's one of the great faith writers in this country. Billy have to know. I know it's still kind of visible. But was this the star that guided the wise men to Jesus? Yeah, you know, so we can't be 100% sure, because there are a bunch of theories about what they saw, right? Some are saying it was a supernova. Others are saying it was this really interesting, essentially alignment of planets, which would have involved Saturn and Jupiter now what's interesting about what we're going to see in the skies is that this current one actually involved Saturn and Jupiter, so it's possible. But what's basically happening is that that Saturn and temperature are lining up in the sky. It looks like they're colliding, but they're still like 400 million miles away from each other. But the way they line up, it's going to be the bright. Amazing start. I actually saw it last night. This goes from the 16th through the 25th. It ends on Christmas. I just find it. I find it really fascinating that it's happening around in on Christmas during a year when we've had so much chaos and pain right in 2020, and it's almost like this really cool reminder of what the season is about. And of hope and end of all that. Can we be sure? It's the same thing they saw. No, but I think it points us right back to that which I think is pretty amazing. Well, we can't exactly be sure. But there is science involved in this. Astronomers have been doing the math on this. The The astronomers in in Rice University in Texas did the math. I'm pretty sure some of the ancient astronomers did the math and they know where and when these planetary alignments occur, and it's all around the same time, so There's every chance that this could have been what was called the star that guided the wise men. I have to interrupt you to say that this particular alignment. So Saturday, Jupiter will Bill Align every 20 years in the sky or so, but not like this. Not this right. This. This is the first time At this particular alignment has happened in 800 years. More than 100 years. It was 12 26. That was the last time that this alignment happened and I found it interesting. It's gonna happen again in 2080 and then not for another 400 years, so It's It's a notable moment. We know that something similar happened. You know again. There's research on this back around the year three, so basically around the time that Jesus was born. So it's very It's so interesting to me that because my thing is like if we can have this moment of hope, something that points us back to Christmas, and it's happening on Christmas. I find that almost a little eerie, but in a positive way, and in an interesting way that then I'll take it because I think we need that this year. We're talking to Billy Hallowell. He's a friend of mine. He's a faith writer. You confined him. What's the best place? Billy Faith Wire? Is that the best place to find you? So I've got pieces of our faith wire, but I actually write daily over it. Insider dot pure flicks dot com and I have a story about about this Christmas star over there, so I'd encourage people to check that out. Okay. Insider doubt pure flicks calm. I also have to bring up your book playing with fire that came out earlier. I'm fascinated with this book because it's a book that as I read it, my job kept dropping. You're talking about all of the The well known cases of exercises ums that we've talked about in the past, not just the one that inspired William Peter Blatty is book but other exorcisms and I have to go back now, a couple months after this book's been out, and it's done well. Are you still getting revelations about demons and possessions and exorcizes ums? I am And what's interesting is I've had people reach out to me and they're like, Oh, my goodness. I heard your interview somewhere Or I think that the book and this is what's happening in my house. When you're talking about spiritually warfare in possession and all that we tend to look at it. As entertainment. But there are a lot of people out there and yes, some people are having mental afflictions. But others are experiencing things that they cannot explain. And that that we can. We can actually explain when we look at Scripture and so That was the whole motivation for writing, you know, playing with fire, and I love hearing from people on it because it kind of reinforces this idea, And we know that this is true because we see it in the box office numbers. It's a topic people want to talk about, and people are interested in it, but they don't know it's still comfortable having the conversation again. The book is playing with fire. His name is Billy Hallowell. My friend. Thank you for talking about the Christmas star. And thanks for spending some time with me Christmas and demons that we covered it. So there you go. I'm happy to be on any time Michael Helge anytime. Not too long ago, I met.

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