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Confession as well. As details about the sites victims buried each story. Lopez with Telugu Dina would be more gruesome than the last each revealing bone chilling acts of inhuman degradation, eventually the season officer could no longer, you know, just stand it and just blew his own covers couldn't take any more stories. He also apparently got tired of wearing the Pender was going to strangle him in his sleep. Like Pedro had strangled young girls or maybe stabbed him with Schiff like you'd stab those inmates who had raped him years earlier Gudino again. Yeah state. It was pedal. Lopez net sell for about a month for free himself by the time. Revealed himself. Pedro had gleefully informed. The undercover officer that he'd been traveling to Ecuador Peru and Colombia for the past several years and by his own count raped and killed over three hundred young girls Hedera Lopez or as he came to be on the monitor of the Andes proclaimed proudly that he had raped murdered over one hundred and ten young girls and Ecuador at least one hundred Peru and put many more than one hundred quote unquote, in Columbia in the ground going on to state that he only really enjoyed killing the girls in Ecuador claiming their trustee nature made them more appealing as opposed to the stranger wary little girls in Colombian Pru in his own worlds in his own words. I like the girls and Ecuador they are more gentle entrusting more innocent. They are not suspicious of strangers like Colombian girls. And then and then Lopez relished the media attention that came with his confessions. He started to talk to reporters about his own childhood. But the many ways society had failed him playing that blame game references own tragic past, you know, just you know, coldly declared Yoda conditions had created him at one point. Specifically pinpointed the moment he decided to become serial killer saying I lost my innocence at eight so I decided to do the same thing to as many young girls as I could. Okay, doesn't really fit in with what he was saying about want revenge on the men who attacked him earlier. Maybe this particular excuse is truth. Right. Maybe this is the reason he killed those girls. He lost his innocence when he was eight and it didn't feel fair for others. Keep there's I don't know. It sounds like bullshit to me though. 'cause he wasn't like killing like, boys. Right. I think I think he just was wanted to somehow sound like he had a reason for his horrific obsession just to rape and kill young girls. Pedro used all of his murders to go on sort of an extended field trip with authorities. You offer to take them out to the grave sites to prove the truth of his claims, initially, they were hesitant, but local police that this is the, you know, the the second version of the story this has end, but the local police decided to allow Lopez to guide them to the grave sites to provide families with closure and then over the span of six weeks. Lopez led the police. Eleven Ecuadorian provinces at each revealing yet another gruesome collection of bodies for zone safety the police required. Lopez to dress as a police officer when he accompanied them to the grave sites. There was a guard place on either side of him both for his protection and to thwart any attempt at escape. First gravesite was just on the border of Umberto. He described the girl as a new that newspaper seller. We talked earlier told him he buried her under a specific bridge to their surprise the police found a complete skeleton as described at the base of the bridge. The medical examiner was unable to determine any specifics of the crime from the body other than a corroded, arm and leg evidence of torture. He'd inflicted on the young child. Never said exactly what he did. However, the police soon gained the the clarity they sought after one of the victim's family. Members was brought to the site recognized the clothes hanging off the bones. Skeleton confirmed what Lopez told them the bones belong to the young girl that he mentioned and Lopez has claims were shockingly accurate, and so then they trusted him to lead them to more bodies, which he did roughly two months after a ten this girl. Lopez chose the wrong victim. Oh, yeah. When he was actually in his in his await sorry..

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