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Have reach the all XFL all the time show yes guys watch I didn't really watch much as I did on my watch their little bit Landry Jones was less than sterling this weekend game for him he was out week one with an injury in there were but a The New York Times and even a Dallas win I know the the rough next to and now right next to it but there were some there were some bright spots I I heard somebody who was it Tony Kornheiser today said Cardale Jones is going to be back in the NFL based on his performance two weeks as the at the DC defenders harder Jones looks really good yeah he'll be the end of the V. P. of the XFL it looks to me like you can be back in the NFL and offense of tackle that Kay is that guy's heavy well the healthy the quarterback for the Roughnecks PJ Walker a guy I used to buy apple went crazy I size little side are yeah that was pretty exciting I saw the highlights and there it was he was really good he's I think he's going to be back on NFL team he played at temple but he was good he he was good you know Vince is always going to be looking for the viewership numbers because that's how he's gonna make his money back right actually get deals from the networks and it started off big on the first weekend a bit dipped a little above average viewership was like two point one to two point four million over the weekend the biggest one was the Dallas verse LA three point three eight million people that's good tune in for that and you know that Austin is the number eight more calm to watch the example people starfighter five stolen at fort from you from a a for A. J. stick XFL fun fact of the day because I don't have anything else you'd up Austin is it say that to me again Austin's what Austin came in at number eight in the whole nation for viewership really as markets go and the you know that even though ten which is interesting because there's eight teams in eight markets which means Austin is beating a team that has mark has its own apple and even though I you know viewership TV was down justice coach more people went to the games this past weekend in person then then opening our average about seventeen thousand first we can more people went somehow okay that kind of about seven thousand so it lives for another weekend JD I'm excited plenty more XFL stuff coming your way and as I said maybe the the the slow sports we could be here thank god for them Houston Astrodome man yes Sir provide programs like this with with wall to wall content this is I don't know I don't know if this is typically something that's available and now sports books but William Hill has set the over under on Astros batters that will be hit by pitches eighties eighty swat eighty three eighty three and a half an hour and a half what does that mean is that a lot is that not a lot yes Regis sixty six yeah last year teams were hits by an average of sixty six point one pitches the Astros were basically exactly average sixty six times so who so they think it is an up tick of what is that seventeen and a half guys who are going to be hit by pitch but it doesn't make any sense because man free came out said if you thought the Astros were going to suspend you so you're telling me a guy who throws at Jose L. two valet is gonna get a five game suspension and Jose with the beat beat beat beat is not gonna get anything right yeah it doesn't make any sense and I give them the everybody's upset now add Manford yeah let's see his exact quote quote it's simply not appropriate to express frustration you have growing out of the astro situation by putting someone physically at risk by throwing at them and quote to which who who won a name to a minute and I'll be personnel person said quote the Astros win again and quote so on record as saying what do you want me to do put an Asterix bite or ask for the piece of metal back referring to the the World Series ring this whole thing is just the calamity of P. R. errors and you would think that after the owner of the Astros did their pianist crane that commissioner well known back come game no event is the commissioner would come out and and say things that wouldn't be inflammatory or that wouldn't Stoke the fires and now it every single day we're going to get more audio not from scrubs in the MLB but people like Aaron judge and like the stars of this this leads coming out and talking trash about the Astros as a franchise and the individual players this is Nick markets outfielder for the Atlanta Braves you something like that it's it's it's damaging to baseball you.

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