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This virtual event is called diva and friends. Virtual speakers. Syria's and George Ross is the first guest on February 17th. And you can register for this event all the way up until the morning off. Are you all the way up until, like, five minutes before, If that's what you wanna do. I suggest doing going now put it on your calendar because there are limited spaces. And so you know, you don't want to say I've missed some webinars like darn. It was really important and I just failed to put it on my calendar or failed. Let's be honest sending to Shelly to put on my calendar. Now I just tell her put this on my calendar. And put to be determined. I want Lee. I really want to participate, but, you know, so get it on the calendar, because when I don't then I have a tendency to miss something really intent. If you can't make it, you don't find someone who will watch it for you and then take good notes. You know, so that you can you don't miss out on that You could video of two bit. You could you could actually video. Well, that's true. That's right. Just don't set your phone up record record, the zoom or something like that, So anyway, go to chapel with dot com to get registered for that exclusive. Then Wednesday, February the 17th George Ross will be in the house or on your computer as it were, and from 3 30 to 5, and it's gonna be really fun event It really is, and I'm so looking forward to it and If you're just joining us, we've been talking about SG investing. And you know, diamond you talked about. You know the benefits in some of the things that that People have talked to you about, like climate change and those kinds of things for the investor that you get. I just love the controllers, you know. So while I control to absolutely and You know, as it has this kind of investing grows, there are gonna be some funds that benefit and you know, we're coming up on a break here, so we might want to. We're going to continue this conversation here. But you know what? Because I think this is fascinating because I want to hear about.

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