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Jamie mark David van Damme and Scott robin making sense of it all having some fun this is mark Lee van Damme and robin robin Shou Markley David van camp there Scott Robbins which start with his jobs report holy smoke this is great news economy is just humming along here two hundred sixty six thousand jobs added in November above the one hundred and eighty seven thousand jobs that were expected from economists the unemployment rate fell back to a fifty year low of three and a half percent and I know there is a fifty year low I'm a job producing machines and their people of course Pooh poohing mask they're saying well you're here's the thing you know these these the job numbers were used a little bit because some of these GM workers who were on strike went back to work but without that you're still talking about over two hundred thousand jobs which is beating the expectations by more than thirteen thousand I can't see how this isn't good news for pretty much everybody yeah well with that to wages increased yes I mean so the hold one sixty three I know you said this before it's given the points guide were if you want to work to find a job you'll find a job there's a job if you don't want to work that day I mean that number stay static right where it is and that's good news for a lot of you'd actually speaking everybody who wants a job has a job right now yes so for like a Jason Garrett in a month this is great.

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