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They have options so if you go chump of risk ashida you know number one contenders match takeover. I'm cool with it without dream anywhere next session so i think you have good options there. Gorgon still champion. Now that gives you more options on the mid card as well. So we'll see where that goes and that happened at halloween havoc which was show always have a great show. Great they add top to bottom. I enjoy the thing. So here's my thing about mcafee. I feel like not his own fault. Maybe it is. Because he doesn't know any better he is swallowing up his own faction burcin goons right now. They don't even talk. Mcafee talks all the time. Done being that can fees. Actually he's a he's a good talker. But you wanna make sure that your faction all looks tough. Strong and law and birch. Don't look like that. I don't buy them as tag team champions. They necessarily buy them as the henchman. I i don't know i just done. Looks like a million bucks. He looks amazing. It's his reasoning for joining them. Make sense right. And i love. That mcafee took the picture was like the best faction everyone smile and inches ice. Grilling there's nothing better than he'll be done. And if this is the we get back to that perfect fine with that. I'm not sure if there's any way that you would convince me. The undisputed era as a baby face factions going to work for me. That's because like not. I think i've said this before. Roger strong not a good baby face kylo like rights bleeding from undisputed era gives. Because i know what this is the wwe or an x. t. both are looking at the undisputed era. Like we've done this. Were a few years now. We need to do something new. With undisputed era body being roku to new right like anyone can get there looking at it as okay. We need something fresh. Turn baby face in. That'll be. I know for me. The fresh thing was kylo rally being split from the group because kyle is clearly prep for singles action. He's a guy could run by himself. But now the whole factions baby. Face it beauts kylo rally because adam is clearly the face of that faction. Roddy fish aren't necessarily good baby faces and they're gonna few pat mcafee for how long right it's going to be through war games. But i don't know what's after that. So then they gotta take those tag team. Titles because god it's please again. I get it but i don't think this is the best use for undisputed era and i don't know about adam cole as a baby face i think adam colby good at whatever he does because you know what kevin owens. It's going to be the greatest baby face run but whenever returns he'll again it's magnificent. Yeah but i just. I don't know man. It's always great to see them. Go back you so yeah like instead of just being he'll and middling baby-faced for awhile because once you get fans back and he turned heel again even better. They'll have to convince me. Because i'm not buying it this very moment. Yeah i think big. It'll be fine as a baby face for now that faction then they gotta go again. It's a faction that will go. He'll baby-faced room for now. Get some different opponent match ups that you wouldn't get get his heels. I'm right with it. Mcafee is gonna. Mike is war games. You can jump off the cage or some shit even be. Shane mcmahon. whatever. It's grown on me. What main roster. In the rundown. This smackdown is good rise bad. Do you can just add retribution now. I don't know what they're doing. It's not even it's point where it doesn't even look good on moustapha ali. it's it's bad no one looks good. It's it's bad between there's a couple of things couple knows. Retribution stinks. So the best thing you can do is just make disappear and comeback as the regular cells right like this should sucks. The longer drags aren't ruins. Everybody's like i'm getting hurt to get out of retribution from a year. I'm just jumping off turnbuckle on my head. Just give me out. s thing. They've done is put the stupid mask on because then maybe if you come back normal looking like yourself you can still save you. So that's that's wack matt real Just being riddle now. Yes the ridler this rack. This is this is number two is wack street profits vs new day. Though i'm excited very good I'm looking forward to that. Roman reigns and j. Also have been still incredible. This is kelly. Jimmy costa mcmahon again. Smallest wants we're here now. We're here and crushing. Daniel bryan is how you get over. You'll daniel bryan. Everybody loves daniel bryan. So even everything they've done with roman reigns has been excellent. This has been excellent. But yeah the riddle thing and retribution. Not good tucker gin squashed by ricochet what why yes yes. Let's go rick. No this means nothing for. He's going nowhere. Get over yourself. I just listen to celebrate the small that as very minute because all that happened was richard. Could've gotten crushed by tucker. Could've that's what i thought was happened but neither of them are going anywhere and then to be involved. Retribution saul bigger. Yeah it's very bad. So i'm gonna get lee vs ricochet and i think that's sophist i winning program in part of registered. Which is it not saying much smackdown. I think still. Very good having kevin owens over there works. The touch roman reigns is survivor series match ups on paper right now. I think rains could be or an in oregon doesn't really take that much. Hit what i'll tell you about the feeling though..

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