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Officials are hoping for a return to hybrid learning a week from Thursday and new this morning. Another historic parade another cancelation this year for the second year in a row. The ST Patrick's Day parade in Worcester is a no go over coronavirus concerns this year would have marked the 40th anniversary of the Wooster ST Patrick's Day parade. And Los Angeles County, California. The situation is extremely dire. There is one death now, every eight minutes from Corona virus and nearly one in 10 in Los Angeles have tested positive. For covert 19. An investigation into the origins of this virus is moving forward. Overseas. Officials from the World Health Organization have been given the green light to enter China beginning this week. Monday's announcement from China's National Health Commission said the officials will be jointly carrying out scientific research with their Chinese counterparts. The message was scant on details. It's not yet clear whether the team will be visiting Wuhan, where the virus was first detected in late 2019. The WH show last week had expressed disappointment over delays to the investigation. The announcement comes as mainland China recorded its biggest daily increase in covert 19 cases in more than five months. Breath clinics. ABC NEWS Hong Kong Good Morning 6 18 Monday in Boston, waking up under partly cloudy skies and a very cold 26 degrees out the door this morning. No charges have been filed yet. Against a man who crashed his vehicle into a miniature golf course in whole. The unidentified driver from Hall suffers non life threatening injuries after his car reportedly went off the road and into Nan task it landing mini golf. The crash remains under investigation this morning. A new law aims to crack down on corruption in the banking industry. For the first time, Shell companies will be required to provide the names of their owners. Or stay or face stiff penalties and maybe even jail sentences. The information will be stored in a confidential database accessible to federal law enforcement officials and shared with banks, who are often unwitting accomplices to international crime. The Corporate Transparency Act is also dramatically expanding awards for whistle blowers as well looking at the same four walls. We are all familiar with that, but it gets old in a hurry winter and the pandemic, not a great combination for those who are itching to get moving. WBC's Chris Pharma has an idea. Cabin fever during the pandemic is a real thing. But getting outside person family fun in the cold weather isn't necessarily everybody's cup of tea. So the folks at the trustees have drummed up a solution. Fire pit weekends on the farm Wonderful times outside, and you could explore the properties to come back and get warm and just be with friends in a very safe and gorgeous environment. The buyers were already lived. When you arrived in the staff keeps them roaring. There's no work involved for our guests. Check ahead online and trustees locations in Ipswich, Harvard, Dover or Southborough, then book your reservation, but do it quickly because so far DEA Hayden with the trustee says there's a fire sale on fire pits were just finding that people are jonesing for these sorts of opportunities. Chris Palma WBZ Boston's news radio after record setting run on Wall Street to end the week, Dow futures are down almost 200 points this morning and entertainment news Teach me old Max is bringing back a new chapter of the show. Sex and the city. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will all be returning for the re boot.

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