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Welcome to flip tips. Today's flip tip is how to get started with flip board very simple. I WanNa thank Janette spire interior porter for coming up with our flipped his for today. The first thing you WanNa do is download the APP for your Android IOS device. Second thing you WanNa do is you want to create an account. Make sure you had a picture and complete your bio earth thing you WanNa do. You WanNA follow topics. There are at least thirty. Four thousand topics that you can follow next thing you want to do is build your magazine navigate to the bottom of your profile icon and then select the collection options. Give Your magazine title. And you've built your first magazine. I want to give a huge shot out for Terry Porter and genetics by on us. Today's flip tips flip more. Edu podcast is a great resource for teachers students and administrators. It is now time for magazine. Shutouts like sat out. Some of the will cure eighty magazines. They give us a multifaceted view of education and check out these magazines and their curator's first magazine. I like to talk about is education technology and mindfulness. That's curated by Sean Federal Bush. The next magazine is twenty. First Century. Education curated bombshell more cross and Peter Mellow last. But not least we have the. Abc's of awesome homeschool learning curated by awesome `ISMS MOM and Mark Simpson. Thank you curate. Excellent content that enhances our community. Be sure to add these magazines to your magazine and followed the curator's US keep up the great.

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