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So i have tarpley here with me on the phone calling in from i assume the miami new times office right right thank you so much for being you're really appreciate it thanks for having me i would love to first of all if you could explain i know a little bit i've read a little bit about your back story you're an intern at the paper miami new times is the all weekly in miami and you about four or five weeks ago pulled off what too many people in the music press seemed like improbable feet which is that you interviewed both x and also is alleged victim and i wonder if you take us through some of the logistics of how that happened okay so i've been working here since april and when i got in i got into a sort of debate with my co workers about x about the question that's round his entire music persona of whether it's moral to listen to him it cetera and while we were this fight one of the editors came out and was like you know he lives like really close by and so at his suggestion sort of like was looking around at his stuff look into court records public records cetera and because he's a celebrity his addresses redacted from pretty much any file on him except for in february he was beating in miami which like everyone does but he gets this ticket and i guess the cops realize with celebrity so addresses on there and the address is traced back to his mother so i thought it was his mom's house so i just drove over there knocked on the door midday expecting to find his mother actually i was completely expecting to find his mom and then this kid comes out anyone that watches xs instagram stories or follows the sub right it might recognize this kid people's about him a lot and hansen's the door and i ask for x and he liked disappears and brings him back out which was surprising i was definitely surprised necessarily totally prepared for that to happen i was completely not prepared i my thought upon going there was that i was gonna ask his mom for an interview on the spot then he comes out and i realized i am so not prepared to to interview right now he says like actually this is kind of the story that didn't make it into the peace but he says i'm there like noon on a on thursday he says yeah come back tomorrow at five pm so i drive away and i and i call my editor i'm like oh my god you'll never believe this and he says oh you've completely messed it up he's not gonna talk to tomorrow like this is not going to happen well no so i so i was thinking so i drove home and and i was like kicking myself like oh man this is not gonna work but at the same time i'd file the public record request for x got charged with these additional charges of witness tampering and harassment december and they submitted into evidence two hundred and thirteen phone calls that he'd made from jail and filed for public records request for these calls and when his lawyer heard about that they scheduled an emergency hearing for the next day and so as soon as i heard about mergency hearing that's when i drove back and so i actually was there at like nine nine pm at night later that day that was all happening within the same day that you have been the same day yeah there's a lot of negative things about this kid but he was totally nice to me so when you went back later that night what did he say was he sort of surprised that you are being so persistent was he reluctant to let you in he was completely reluctant to let me and because he told me to bring credentials and we're in all weekly like we have you know we don't have credentials or like i don't have a badge or like you know so my editor like we have like eight news headlines so he wrote a letter for me and put our header.

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