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Call velvety dump kidding i encourage people to go out and catch a fisher cats game jack we'll talk to you about the race for governor because as you well know this week and your listeners well no we now have a contested primary on the democratic side right steve marsh and the portsmouth mayor's been running for a year for governor this week former state senator molly kelly from the manatt knock region she jumped into the race she got attacked immediately by republicans as you'd expect over her resistance i guess in years past to take the no income tax no sales tax pledge i had a chance to talk to her yesterday in concord here's what she told me take a listen i am not that's an important point did you get that written down latest poll jack feel in two thousand eighteen we've got we had eight candidates at least for the first district we have candidates challenging and customers walls republicans in the second district republican the first extra few you just broke down the governor's race but boy twenty twenty is going to start right at the same time twenty eight teams going on this summer and fall oh yeah we're seeing we've already did a ton of visit by potential twenty twenty candidates we're going to see a bunch bunch more it's getting exciting you know democrats think they have a blue wave coming we'll see if that happened i'd say right now politics hampshire even with all the craziness down to washington which is just incredible is the place to be jack palestine thank you very much thanks.

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