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I'm talking where there's billions of dollars. Not you know buying a thousand dollars with bitcoin where they want to allocate huge dollars. Her model is going to be the model of the future for minors. Which is why. I made my biggest bet with her. Every time she looks at a new mining operation. It's got to be one hundred percent g that means it's gonna push to solar it's gonna push to wind going to push you to any compliant way. Maybe you know. Burn off of gas and use it productively. She doesn't northern berta. But you're taught bitcoin to me as that asset class is not a currency it is an asset because the the plans. I'm talking about the sovereign funds. They want to buy the coin and never sell it. Never trade it. So if they felt that they could buy her stock for example and know that she would guarantee them that that she would only mind new awards sustainably and she never would sell the assets. They may consider that as their proxy. For which is i. Think a big opportunity for them and other miners as well so i talked all the miners all the time. They're always soliciting funds. And i get it. But i can't ever be because when i when i disclosed that i had you know three percent waiting in bitcoin of the first call i got were from all the guys that i know in the pension plans saying juno that those are sustainable or not we own or just you because we can own them. And that's what. I learned the product about the problem and it remains today and the reason. I say it's not a problem. It's an opportunity if we solve this in the bitcoin asset community. Whatever you wanna call it. You're gonna see a trillion dollars worth of of you know feed currency's going to bitcoin as an asset just like real estate and i think you wanna talk one hundred thousand two hundred thousand two hundred fifty thousand dollar coin price. It has to solve this problem. It won't get there until i haven't actually discussed. We have done this. Have we on the show. Multi bent interesting show with michael sailor discussing one of the funny things i find about yes. G. is ninety five percents. Compensation seem to be about the e. Not the and you you you must know dot moorhead pantai. sure sure. Did you read the entire thesis where they covered. Why actually i have already yet. I have read 'social governs. Bitcoin is actually a great tool for social governance..

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