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You're driving off the floor. Five. Let's play this track. Guys delay. See actually you, you introduce a delay. This is delay. See in your about to listen to my man I von cast. Say. No. He's. No. Can't do that. I can't be code. Stew? Stew? Stew? Iheartradio top night at night with Joe on the radio lacy coming up nickel minutes is Turks. Good DNA. On Jeevan Wyndham crying crazy. The Hillman, EMMY. Noncommittal. But you hold him. Don't. True. Breaks my heart that should not have had a million from the stat. Hey, I'm glad would you? I mean, this I will. Will be. Thing. When you see. Y'all got a deal. Don't. No. Ding. Hey Joe bag in in. Dobbin. We don't we just keep input. I. Oh, back in..

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