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You're listening to the globalists' first broadcast on the third of september. Two thousand and twenty one on monocle twenty four the globalist in association with ubs. Hello this is the globalist coming to you. Live from dory house in london. I'm georgina called win on the show head to the taliban is preparing to reveal a new government but what form it take and who will recognize it then the. Who hub promises to deliver three keith. Thinks better data better critics and better decisions. We hear more about the world health organization's initiative to prevent future dimick's plus we'll ask how can norway's sovereign wealth fund built on oil profits sit easily alongside the climate change agenda also the head and we learned that local authorities have felt it necessary to put up a sewing saying no peeing towards russia. It's friday say. Angie muller will give us his usual ri- look back at the week. That was well also flip through the papers and get the latest movie news to. That's all ahead here on. The globalist live from london. Look at what else is happening in the news. Japanese prime minister yoshida suge has announced. He will step down after a one year. Tenure marked by an unpopular ovid nineteen response in the united states remnants of hurricane ida continued to wreak havoc flat flash flooding killed at least forty. Four people in four states as torrential rain swept away cars submerged new york city subway lines and grounded airline. Flights and french president emmanuel macron has unveiled a multi-billion-euro plan to turn marseille into what he called a world city stay tuned to monocle twenty four throughout the day for more on those stories but i now that the taliban has swept back into power in afghanistan after twenty years of war there shortly planning to reveal a new government. The new administration is keen to be recognized by the west as a legitimate power as the country faces economic meltdown and his badly in need of donor. Funds will join me on the line. Now is lynn o'donnell former ap and af bureau chief in afghanistan lynn. Thanks for coming on the program again. Before two thousand one when the taliban previously controlled the country what was the system of government. They used the hydro georgina. Thanks for having me on. It was pretty much a top down system with mullah omar the woman i'd later and co founder of the organization. Very much in charge. We're seeing now is is pretty much It looks like they going to have the man who has The job the position. That laura my head harbour tiller khanzada also as a symbolic head with finger bad conservatories that he hasn't been seen in public for a couple of years and they have been rumors that he died of covered last year. So there remains to be seen. But i'm below that pew type sort of symbolic position There is likely to be twelve man governing shura council and there were there was talk a couple of weeks diamonds. People that i was discussing this with that they would be. They were aiming for an inclusive style of government. That would bring me in People from an ethnic and religious groups that are not of the Same ilk the as the taliban instance Has ours was based at tadjiks and as she is but what they've been doing. So far indicates says inclusivity is not really likely to be at the heart of what if a government i come up with in the near future. I mean they have promised to protect human rights and refrained from reprisals against old enemies but then we hear a senior member saying There will be no democratic system at all because it doesn't have any base in our country. We won't discuss what type of political system. We should apply afganistan. Because it's kim. It's sharia law and not sit. Well can share be democratic. Is that indeed what they plan to do now. Democracy is is indeed not at the heart of what the taliban is and. I don't think it's going to be any role for women in pays ready being told that they won't be able to retain to parliament and sleep positions. That are being filled far on district governors provincial governors. The even people running hotels being given to at mullah's It looks very much. Like the difference between would and is is very very wide and that they're on their own people are going to be rewarded for their loyalty and that pashtoon nationalists and melas who have senior positions in the taliban hierarchy are the ones who going to win democracy's not part of it and even when they say when the taliban leadership say that sherry lor is going to be what prevails they have no interpretation made public of what sharia law is. And this is what we've heard all along about the way they wanted to treat women. Women will respected and we'll have a role in in life in afghanistan according to sharia law but with no indication of what that actually made we've talked before about whether the taliban really have any real desire to govern. Well they have to know. Do they have the necessary skills to have the skills but excuse me. I think that they do have the awareness that does skills are needed if they're going to run a country but still way more than two and a half weeks after They took over and still most of the bank's not working people do not have access to cash. They can't buy food food. Basics like food and fuel allow running. Low inflation is soaring. There is no indication so far that they came in with any idea of governance. I think they are aware because they are in discussions with Ngos and with foreign governments and agencies and of course china and russia in pakistan and iran are active in afghanistan. We'd the taliban so they know that they need help. It's just way that help it is gonna come from. What sort of for governance is going to take. That remains the big question. I mean what deals will need to be done to gain that vital international recognition. Well it remains to be say. I mean they don't really need the waste anymore. Part from Money and financial support. But we don't know yet with a the money and financial support has been coming through the west for the last twenty years will be replaced by for instance china and russia and do does china want to send It's ngos in to replace those that have been there in the past. I of doubt Some of the aid work that has been going on for the last twenty years continues in the provinces outside of kabul but a big fund is like the world bank Pretty steadfast so five in not opening this bigoted cash again so that the country can stop to function. So i'm at the moment. A time is marching on a conditions. Getting worse people are getting very obsession. Frustrated and a very real problems like food shortages in places outside of kabul. I just getting worse. So i mean i know you have many friends still in afghanistan that can you describe it. The the situation there is still a great deal of violence yes the violence is going on a very much under the surface. Where only seeing and heavenly saint for the past couple of weeks afghanistan through the prism of kabul regional meteoroid denies asians were closed down as the taliban took over. And now he's a very a very concerted effort controlling the message and beneath that violence is very definitely. He's still a feature day to day life. People our frayed and now that international military prison says ended and the the view of the cameras and the world media on. What's going on in. Afghanistan is is narrowing and very much has been focused for instance. What was happening at the apple or People are afraid that what's happening to them. We'll get worse as the world turns away. All people still able to leave now. That the official evacuations over now are leaving. No vases is no. I'm land board as often because no flights the court is unlikely to function very many more months so the short answer is hard cannot leave they trash. I'm finally do. We have any kind of idea of a timeline of when a government will be established and when it can start healing. I think the healing is going to be a long way off. No matter what time line the reason for establishing a government but the taliban away takes incredibly long time to do things discussions in the past with For instance piece broke from the united nations. Or as we saw with the peace talks that the former us president trump brokered. Everything takes an enormously long time. And you can't believe the reports that we've had over the last couple of days about what shape the government might take Or even the discussions. That i had was people couple of weeks ago. Of what they what they plans Everything's fungible and everything changes. Everything is likely to take very longtime leonard donald. Thank you very much indeed. thanks georgina. Thanks for having me..

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