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Have to reach. In the other room. What could go wrong is then minimum. No, no, Oh, I have forbidden pulling on each other penises in the bad harp pass. Goes I only ended sister's sake. You guys. I don't know why they pull on each other's Pitas, but he can't. When they were littler and eleven eleven thirteen, but like is is released like three years ago. They would be like. A free for all of us I'm trying to remember. How are parents treated painting? Well I remember my dad being in the TUB with us, I I remember my dad's peanuts when I was little and thinking. It was here. It was medicine. Ways in which I I can. I am literally just sit back and watch the females. Well. Just, because my only frame of reference for Pitas was my own little little boy, Weiner Yeah. I vaguely remember my parents be like addressing when I pull on it because they're right there. It's hard not to I I never saw sisters I never had seen a penis until it was at attention coming at and now I have one little boys. Like what? It's. An entirely different equipment change. Your parents didn't like. I mean they weren't like progressive. They don't walk around naked in the house. Now, I mean my dad walks her occasionally, but they were they. My parents are Republicans. These are not people. I loved him very much, but the looking. At the Luca Myers. Susan Lucci Tomorrow. We're making up the van part von Yes. He added his. Vampire. Oh those Julie. Von looked to Meyer now. It's just Luke Meyer. Bowen. Liar Oh. Oh, yeah, bones, your actual middle name. I was saying I've been catching up on. All of your episodes was listening to your. Jonah Helwan and I was like exactly. That's exactly right. Joan L. Makes the choice when he's eighteen, an estimated of the rest of his life. He's like Feldstein Hill, rally. ABC's a workout later and you. You have to live you live with this choice. You made when you were. I was twenty yards crazy. What kind of choice was this? What was your thought Process Julie? What were you at the time? Was it like? Just harder to pronounce well. I think I saw justice. Chiro call I'm about a hundred years older than you so so nice to see you by the way. I need my kids. We just watched galaxy quest. And then we will, because I was like I I've been listening to your podcasts. Realized the kids exact ratings for galaxy quest. They were blown away by Sigourney. Weaver came on. One of them look seeming. Mom. Why don't you tell US earns movie? Oh Yeah. You God. He's a wig and she's got a square jaw. And I was like that is not me. No like. It's not sure mom I was like Oh. Weird I. I have been happy Gilmore. No, no! The thirteen hundred huge Gonese, a poster in our house that's paid on flour sacks, diversity means movie posters in Ghana there. These movie clubs, and these pass around like VCR tapes of bootlegged usually action movies like lots of Jean Claude van, Damme, and advertise what they'd be playing at the movie club at night, which is literally like a TV in the back of the store. Would pay on these huge flour sacks, the most violent graphic scenes in the movie, and if there weren't any, they would make that. Oh my God so I have a poster of Happy Gilmore where people are being killed and stabbed and there's blood. There's a monster. Zombie Because happy no! It's. So, romantic comedy is a walkout by. Did. You find that my fake son, Nolan? Nolan Gould for me. Give it to me for my birthday. He was like. My kids on modern failing. So you have this movie poster and your kids, so they're seeing all the time and yet. You won't let them watch the. Post I am portrayed roughly I mean largely, but is there like that's not you? I have like a fiance body. ITTY bitty, waist in his. And ask and up I'm hauling two inches of beer and they're like. They can't. They don't really think that that's me but then to see this yet. No, it's pretty good. It's pretty good I will have one I'll send it to you. It's critically you now. I might work in office at home like kids are in the other room because it's summer vacation, no one's let's go anywhere cause of chronic parts. What is that what we wait the two of them in the house? And what is it like Henry Children in the house? Oh? YOU THREE WINS! You have twins to eleven year olds and a thirteen year old, and they're all back in the thirteen year olds room, and I think of you all the time because I had them all in one room forever. In beds, and I remember going here house in Connecticut. Yes. Easter and seeing the bunk beds and they were like. How did you over here? Yeah, there's little. They like What's the smallest twin? I guess I just remember the bunk beds. You have to tell me. Why does it Christian isn't allowed to talk during interviews. He likes to hear it after the fact and unpack the conversation. Out tro. Never listened to things in order. I'm terrible. That's very flattered that you wanted him there. Well I thought there was so much that was interesting between the two of you in all of this little interesting out chosen that things that you say to each other and there's a lot here. He keeps ending up on random vacations with you. Migra you crash a wedding. He's with you and I'm like what is this relationship? More what's interesting been thinking about it a lot lately because now. I'm getting to the point in my life where I think I would like to have. Some how do I say this? You know romantic intimacy. Jackson. You'll have never been without a girlfriend. I have for the last two years so. Yeah Yeah. What what happening the combination within post? Are you an Intel? No I'm no. I. Think it's more. I think the last relationship I was in was. I got into a too quickly in too deep. I've just recognize. CERTAIN PATTERNS IN MY In my speech. That I wanted to change and. And also you know it's harder now. I don't go out a lot I don't go to bars. I don't I haven't done a movie in a while I don't a-. As to what's happening, well, Christian have been working together and we directed this movie I. Can we free to see? About this I've heard about it on the podcast it's. PROMOTED US Like you push it, I feel like he actually then again i..

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