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I don't know but i don't know how they ask people what they wanna be your doug triggered a singing bottle opener eight a us tried to act like it happen i thought it was my dog talking um because so here's the lists number one action slash superhero yeah that uh you know yeah john rambeau spiderman but no no no because then here's the thing number two batman character that seems to be a subset of number one you would think but it's not right and it's not there lumping in you know the joker in in back girl and let's face it hey do you think there are more uh batman running around on october 31st more uh at twisted jokers more batman although really no not heed weather he sorry keith ledgers joker character is not more popular with adults or with kids no but they also have jared leaders now to hits kids wanna be batman they won't be the joker their triggers bagai some kids are bad dumb kids are twisted yeah um so that when kids he pledged allegiance to the slender in to think that very true uh but then number three princess number four princess yeah disney princess or just general perintis now all manner of princess because here's what's so screwed up about this lewis number three princess number ten disney princess the nra if his rested on its laurels year man geidar where all just eaten up whatever the in our fca says all the time and and they're getting lazy number four animal cat dog monkey numbers gorgeous examples of animals a little i thought maybe animal from the muppet show.

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