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Plead guilty they've cut a deal and it's a sweet heart there she's going to jail for two months he's going to jail for five months all right with no talk yet about a fine which is kind of interesting Kaneka got got let me ask are winning can you have a deal like this without a fine well technically under federal sentencing law you must pay a fine unless you can prove to the court that you are unable to pay one yeah that's not their problem so maybe the story just died it didn't talk about the fine because everybody else got hit with pretty good fine bottom line with this replete you're looking at a news article I take it now the plea agreement is very clear about every aspect of their sentence so they are going they they've agreed to both parties have agreed that the sentence that they have to get is the jail time a hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine wears her two years of supervised release a hundred hours okay unity service sorry you're looking at a different story than I am I'm looking at the actual plea agreement okay that have been filed with the court good for this story that leaves that out and by the way he added the husband agrees to pay two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in a fight okay so that makes more sense to me the reason it makes sense the reason they cut this deal is because of the covert issue Michael Flynn was Jessica or Michael Cohen has just been released Oscar Mike Flynn has just been released for home arrest and so it's a good time I I don't know how much the cove it has to do with it I think that the prosecutors have finally realized they never ever get the amount of time that they ask for for any of these varsity blues defendants I think I don't think any defendant has gotten even half the amount of time that the government was asking for and I think the government is finally seeing the writing on the wall that even though they might think these guys need to go to prison for a couple of years they're never going to get it and so they'd rather not bother with a trial an entire trial where they're going to have to answer to why their star witness is complaining that the FBI is trying to get him to live only to end up with this kind of a sentence anyway got it all right well just a follow up on a story that broke early early this morning an active shooter has been stopped at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi.

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