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It'll be interesting to see how that or. If it if it does at all play into the. The discussion with Trump and Pelosi and Schumer and shutting the government down over the border wall and everything like that. Because I'm thinking a typical American is looking at all of these things that are going on, you know, in other countries and saying, hey, guys, maybe we should not be advocating for letting everyone in because this is what happens. There was a immigration think tank. A guy that was just tweeting today. The went down to do research think he I think he actually works for Texas like on their until doing intelligence for Texas on the border crisis. And he went down there. And he went down to the Maghreb caravan. And he took a photo and video inside a bus where they were shipping. This group back to like, Costa Rica, or something do you see this? They were I was around twenty people from Lebanon. Other various other places from the Middle East Bangladesh, a other places. No, they're not from. They were not from South America. They're coming over from the Middle East. They're coming in from other places in Asia. I mean, absolutely insane. No one talks about that. But this is what happens when it gets out. You know in the news that thousands upon thousands of people are rushed in the United States border and some will actually get in right? Still a German road has been repaved. This is this is a pretty cool. There was a little bit of a spill in Germany. It was a chocolate spill. And now there's chocolate all over the road. And it started hardening like a coating, and if you ever want to get Glenn back to your Christmas party. Pave the road like this. He'll follow it right into your arms. It'll take me a while to get a little. Fantastic and his German chocolate. There's something really oddly pleasing about these like, giant foods spills that happen at a big trucks. Everyone pleasing. I hate it. Because I'm like, no, it's just been wasted. That's true. Although you don't need anything. Anyway. What do you? Actually, I do eat chocolate. But it takes me probably an entire month to get through one candy bar 'cause I just take a bite a day. Oh, started wanting to make fun of Glen. And now, I've turned totally turned around. Let's let's gain. All right. Let's see what we have here. Actually, I want to bring up one more thing. Did you guys? See what Mika Brzezinski said Malo, Mike Pompeo. This is an interesting comment is this something because I remember Don Imus saying this over and over again and used to get in trouble for it. All the time. I wonder if Meco we'll have the same trouble. Let let's I don't even want to preface this. Let's just watch. I understand that Donald Trump doesn't hair Heilmann makes good point. He doesn't care, but why doesn't Mike Pompeo hair right now are the pathetic deflections that we just heard when he appeared on FOX and friends is that a patriots making or a wanna be dictators? But boy all serious asking are these the words of a patriot used to base himself, again is undercut I conclude of our Intel community somebody with that very quick reflexes or my gosh. Well, what's funny? First of all, she. So serious when she's asking and she says, I'm being serious here. I'm asking a serious question. No, you're not you just asked if he was a wannabe, but boy, not serious thing. Oh shit. Did you hear what Joe said right after that? No debasing himself. He's doing basing himself. Okay. So she getting any flack for this at all. I mean, I don't are you allowed to say. I mean, she did she did tweet. She someone tweeted her, and she said, no really agree with you super bad choice of words. I should have said waterboy like for football teams or something like that. Oh, I'm sorry. If this was Sean, hey, let's just say Sean, Hannity on FOX says this pulling all of his sponsors. And then he issues the same tweet, and they gang up on him and say, no because you can't apologize. If exactly. Yeah. She's a pirate. That's. A pass from the water country. Right. No, but pirates. Yes, yesterday's poll. Question deeply, Google shows a bias and filtering content. I'm disappointed only eighty nine percent of youth. Yes. Percent of you said lightly..

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