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Always times when you don't absolutely know the outcome and there there may be question but what if the doctor generally follow that pattern of giving some medicine for somebody. That's very sick and say well. I don't know if it were i hope it does. I don't think that would be building confidence. So this is another episode or example of how the conference is being lost. And they're not going to be reassured by people who don't have an answer because questions are going to grow and grow and then they're going to have to make up their mind about dependency on another new which you know the talk of a different vaccine out there It seems like we've had enough confusion radio. We don't need a new and we. What we need is more talk about how to keep patients out of the hospital. Just think of that. That that is a big breakthrough in. They're conceding that. If ouch even said you know if you get early treatment we could keep eighty five percent of the people at the hospital. I mean that's that is astounding so that that's what we have to concentrate on It's it's it's something that We think is very important. We do say these things things improving but we still have a waste ago. Dr paul that hits home a little personally too. Because i can't stop wondering if if they had not turned their backs on the idea early treatment. If my own father might be still around because at the time there was no nothing being offered at all and we were ridiculed early on suggesting they try hydroxy corcoran. I wish we could do it over again. But we can't. But i'm i'm sorry. Go ahead go ahead finish. I was. I was just going to close out. If we're ready to wind it down here okay. Did you have some more you wanted to know. No i'm ready to close to okay now. My last doctor. Paul was just going to be that we have put a few tickets back on sale. We put a block on sale in more than half of them. Were snapped up right away. So we at the present for our washington conference and you can see. There's a link. On ron paul institute.

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