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His mother hill was shielding her infant child from the gunfire when she was shot. Police have not yet made any arrest in the case. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking a D day ceremony in Normandy today. Honoring the thousands of allied service members who lost their lives on the northern shores of France in June of nineteen forty four. In uniform and third leaders fought back against fascism. Authoritarian is and depression. The former Florida sheriff's deputy charged with neglecting, the students of Marjorie so many Douglas, high school is out of jail today as ABC's Aaron Katersky, tells us after the judge lowered his bond, former Broward County sheriff's deputy Scott Peterson left jail. No is not a gift defense attorney Joseph to Rousseau day, happy with the with the judge's decision. Today. We believe that judge Moore treated, Mr. Peterson fairly Kylie Peterson faces eleven criminal charges for failing to confront the mass shooter who killed seventeen people as a school resource officer prosecutors said Peterson had the duty of a caregiver to protect students that offense said child neglect laws. Do not apply to Peterson. Aaron Katersky, ABC news. President Trump's top assistant is in Chicago tomorrow. Axios reports cups co owner Todd Ricketts will host acting chief of staff Mulvaney, fry. L gather with other members of the Republican party at Wrigley field inside one of the park suites, including the chair of the Republican National Committee. Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel arrives today. Ricketts is the finance chair of the Trump victory committee, joint fundraising venture between the president's reelection campaign in the NC Vic Vaughn, WGN news..

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