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Radio dot com that was intelligence committee has now released eight redacted version of that whistle blower complaint at the center of Democrats impeachment probe of president Donald Trump the whistle blowers identity has not been made public though at a hearing before the house intelligence committee getting under way right now with acting intelligence director Jerry Maguire scheduled to testify meanwhile former trump press secretary Sarah Sanders on fox's morning in defense of president try I think this is exactly out of the Democrats playbook they used a fake scandal with Russia now they're trying to create a fake scandal with you crying it doesn't matter who the actors are the real bad players in this whole process or the Democrats trying to fool American voters this voter rocky big soul of Quakertown PA says many in his town are turning against Democrats and favoring the GOP as a result of this impeachment inquiry in this town there's a lot of people are turning because they say just open and excel says will vote for trump again in twenty twenty less than an hour the Port Authority of votes in Jersey city New Jersey over fare hikes and commuters are weighing in here's correspondance early counselor this is the issue is how much money one they want sixteen Bucks instead of fifteen when you pay cash to use the GW bridge at Lincoln or Holland tunnels to get into the city and EZ pass riders would get less of a discount the path base fare would remain the same but the multi trip discount would be reduced to a little excessive already there's all kinds of phones everywhere that are misappropriated the Port Authority says it needs the money to pay for path improvements plus the new monorail a new terminal at Newark airport I'm Sara Lee counselor for seventy seven W. A. B. C. news there've been a two more his seat at the tax police searching for two teenagers who. not to religious hats off of to his seat at men this happened in Williamsburg Brooklyn Friday night about nine PM it neither victim was hurt though the NYPD looking for two Hispanic teens believed to be fifteen years old this was last night this was Friday night about nine o'clock last Friday yep. big rally anti semitism rally that I was definitely don't hike in all these folks okay yes yes all right said and we'll keep you updated thank you okay what's got into a fight. they want a piece of me and they can have its own like I said to bring all your friends bring as many may ask how it plans as you want I'm right outside of thirty second street and Seventh Avenue every single day and just bring it you are such a unbelievable person you got comedy night tonight to not doing you much gone I can beat up people make you laugh on the same day there you go. all right ABC news so I'm not for traffic sports and weather next..

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