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Moments ago, saying impeachment will make it easier to purge Trump from the Republican Party. The New York Times, citing people familiar with the matter when it reported that the Kentucky Republican is pleased and approves with the Democrats, latest impeachment efforts. They also claim McConnell has told his associates that he believes President Trump has committed impeachable offenses for his role in last week's violence at the Capitol. And again the California Department public Health confirming today that the Greater Sacramento region will be exiting the stay at home order can't come soon enough for supervisor Suck no supervisors who Frost, who was one of the organizers of an open Cal now conference just this past weekend. One thing we learned is that there is some devastating mental, spiritually physical and economic impact from the lockdown. I like to tell people there's more than one way to die than co bit Cove. It's not the only way to die, and so we have to think about the overall health of our communities. We also learned a lot about The economic impact and why the state may not be worried about the economics. Because really, when the economist came on, and we're gonna be posting these panel discussions online, we're breaking down those lectures. And we're gonna have those at reopened Cal now dot com as soon as we can get him on their butt. Economists and the experts and business Dr Justin Adams from Davis and John Cabot check from National Federation of Independent Businesses. What we learned from them is that the economy is coming along and things were going great. The only problem is it's It's the large businesses and online businesses that are doing great. It's the small little guy that's being left behind. A little mom and pop restaurants and small businesses that are deemed non essential that are being shut down that are being left behind. Frost acknowledged keeping people safe is a priority. But she says she's very focused on keeping the free economy afloat as well. There's something really important, kitty that and that probably the biggest reason I got involved in this aside from saving life with American independence. Without capitalism. We can't be free. And so if we kill capitalism, what what will happen? So I think it's really important for us to Think about if you're killing business on one side and drawing down trillions of dollars from the federal government to give to people who can't get hoping their business At some point, someone's gonna have to pay that money back if you cut off revenues, who's going to do that? The money won't keep flowing so I think it's important for us to find treatments on and save lives and also To consider all the impacts of the lockdown and not to mention our Children. There are statistics around the impact on this generation of Children. This isolation is you're gonna have an impact on that generation and being out of school for a year. And again that is Sacramento District four supervisor Sue Frost. And their whole conversation is that kpk dot com The afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil and just to reiterate the greater Second region is exiting the stay at home order. So what? That doesn't put us back into the purple tear, obviously still some restrictions, but not his owner, says the state home order. So you can check online for more that, innit? It should post momentarily. All right. 5 51 trap from weather together right now, let's hear from Dana..

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