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So I, I think it's like we have to acknowledge that we all experience trauma whether it be through our parents or bullied at school or new an abusive relationship or a narcissistic boss or something like that, and it's shady and I wish it weren't that way. But instead of you know being in a place where we're like I can never get out of this we have to try to look. At our resources and get help and develop tools in the resilience to work through that, try to find the meaning and try to integrate it because we're not exempt from it. So if we try to just like centralize avoiding avoiding anything that triggers us, we live a very small life, and so the key is to really like developed not resilience self compassion add support network that allows us to be able to. Survive Thrill. On the support just so that piece of it is so important because it can be so tough to get perspective just on your own because you're was relying on your own. You know thought loops that's happening and you only have so much information about whatever the experience is. So it's so nice when you have someone who Where you have that moment where someone says something to you, that just totally pulls you out even if it's temporary and allows you to see. A light at the end of the tunnel. Totally yeah. I think it's so important to have people who tell us the truth you know that can be hard like. You know that's something that has funny when I went and did my in like, November I guess a few months ago. I was one of the things that I asked for like you're supposed to attention and Oscar something I was like I need feedback because oftentimes you know working for myself not being in a relationship work. Maybe I'm just a huge asshole from again pal. Riley like I'm like. What if I'm actually like a really bad person and usually people who have those thoughts are generally on people leg those are usually like common thoughts that. Come along with things like depression and Shane, and stuff like that. So when I'm in like a state of mind knowing pretty good person would also like I always want to be a better person. Am I don't I always want to be as compassionate as possible and you know compassion is very much about. Giving feedback and like helping them realize where certain behaviors are not serving Namur serving them to be social, and that's kind of my job as a therapist is to help like really like love people and giving them the care and the compassion that they deserve don't get but then also to give them feedback that can be hard to hear. So I, think yeah it's. It's it can be a tough one to be like, Hey, needed to be really honest me Mike. There any things you see about me? That might be getting in the way of.

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