James Winston, Soccer, Nascar discussed on The Ian Beckles Show


It's a big deal it's a big deal because when you're talking about james winston and being an nfl quarterback you know there's thirty two nfl quarterbacks in the world okay that is a big it's a big deal an nfl quarterback is the most popular athletes in the world in america the american yes don't really watch soccer a little bit here and there you know i don't love the sport i don't get it i i'm starting to get it more than i used to but i'm not in it i don't i don't feel like i don't feel nascar either a guy no there's something there to me i feel about soccer the way i feel about star wars it's so popular by such a cult thing for a lot of people i don't personally like it but i understand you it and i respect at why people do legitimate passion oh no doubt i just wanted to like tailgate with those people or whatever they do before people drive around in a circle for seventy people tailgate for everything yep perfect his courts people were tailgating luke bryan yesterday young were hammered yup van and everything they're doing it for you well look i don't know country music too well i really don't have friends that were tailgating for luke bryan at noon they play four o'clock plays went out there to really get it it's too hot to sell hot outdoor concerts like i i hear concert also and so it's great it's going to be at the apple theater among anytime anytime liberals in the fall timber like if it's like the rule.

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