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Oh boy. Okay. How about Kenny Loggins did rainbow connection? A Kenny loggin's you can go to. And Martin you can go. Here's by this is we don't need anymore version. No, no. No. No. No. No. No. No, no. You need this one. This is this one's just. Willie nelson's? Okay. So I just want you to know there are many things to be outraged by many things to be outraged by you could be outraged that they are straight instead of gay. But then there are real reasons to be outraged the rainbow connection should only be sung in the voice of Kermit, the frog period. No one else should do it. And I am taking a very hard stand on that. So that's a legitimate outrage because at one is legitimate. You talk about in the book that there are some things that you should be outraged about and you're saying yes, forget about the supreme court. Hey, forget about forget about the supreme court. Forget about what that means for Justice for our children going forward. Forget about that. And Bert and Ernie being gay. No the outrage that we should be concentrating on is the rainbow connection. There's only one version, and there should always remain only one version. All right. So the US government has charged North Korean.

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