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Comes off a pit box big smile on his face, man. Was that a whale of a finished? Congratulations to chase do. To get back to the lead. Well, catch my breath that was relegate day. Really good day. Proud of all the guys share h. All the guys on the mound us Little Caesars Shetty super Chevy and all the support that given us all the Chevrolet teams, really cooperated amazingly. Yeah. Jeff fifteen years these pretty sweet going joy and Allen Guston first time in fifteen years winning at Talladega. He and chase Elliott gonna victory lane doing something that his dad had done here twice prior that twenty three year old driver from Dawson Bill Georgia. Chase Elliott picking up the win here at Talladega. Now around this racetrack. We have cars cars scattered all over the place, including Ricky Stenhouse junior but also are focused right now on the back straightaway. Mike Bagley Kyle Larson went into over and over there in front of you. And also Jeffrey Earnhardt was involved in that as well. Alex that happened. Well, after the leaders past us here in number three where we turned around and saw the Earnhardt car just caved in on the nose Larson had just come back to the ground lots of debris in shrapnel. But in the case of Larsen. The safety member leaned in and gave thumbs up so call Larson taking a wild ride here on the back straightaway after David Ragan and company all got collective off turn to well. Tough break back there on the back straightaway. However chase Elliott is celebrating his victory today. Sonoko fuelling victories, the new Sonoko app is here, and it's the fastest way to fuel. Download it today. And then just tap pump. And go. Smell that tire? Smoke. Raced fuel for some it's a toxic smell for us. It's intoxicating. It's the smell of Carl Bush's eight season one at true Xs comeback Pocono, the sweet smell of Eric Jones's first since.

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