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This before. Okay. Nineteen Eighty-three Barth year. That's fun. Yeah. Real fun. So I don't know. I could see this going the way of Scott stapp. You know, what your four? What's his face Nickelback? Yeah. Nickelback. Are you insane? Chad kroeger. All right. Well, anyway, things worked out for my. I liked it too. Great. All right. Justin, Bieber got married. Very quickly. Because he wanted to have sex. Yeah. He's he he just did a new profile in vogue, and he admits he was more than a year and a half into self imposed celibacy celebrate before he reconnected with Haley Baldwin over the summer because they had dated a couple of years before the good times gone. He said he had a legitimate problem with sex. And that's why he you know. Impose this celibacy on himself. He said, I think sex can cause a lot of pain, mentally, he said sometimes people have sex because they don't feel good enough because they lack self worth. And then he realized how much he loved her and missed her. And that's why they rushed to the alter. He also admits in this piece in vogue that he became a jerk the more famous he got oh. And he started believing his own hype. This is good self-reflection, Justin. Yes. He said, I got very arrogant and cocky, I was wearing sunglasses indoors. Oh, boy, nothing number one sign. He says while he admits he gave people the right to call him. Do she he adds a lot of the stuff was like me peeing in a bucket. People made such a big deal out of that. That's true. We did. Oh, yeah. We did that sometimes you got to go. You're not gonna make it to the restroom. If if a photographer caught your worst moment relieved myself in a spot where you didn't shouldn't have and believe me it has happened. He also says people made a big deal over me owning a monkey. It's like if you had the money that I had why wouldn't you get a monkey? He's like you would get a monkey you just would so vogue vogue Jack at out. Do you want to hear Cardi B's Pepsi ad little bit? Oh, yeah. It's really cute. You'll probably see it on Sunday during the Grammy awards of coke, Pepsi. Okay. Excuse me. Of course, Pepsi is. Gene. Okay. No, no, no. Kind.

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