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It's in the app store on Iowa's. TRAI policies build the British way. S P E C T R E. Yeah. So second one that I came across a while ago as for those people have an iphone with multiple lenses can do depth, and you know, how you can change the aperture in your in your photos app your camera app. But there's this piece of software that makes use of that pretty well. And it's called fo costs FOC o s and it's it's for those one a nerd outwith. The depth information in the photo because it will not only allow to change the the aperture will allow you to tap to focus. It can tap two different things in the fall background to focus on them. After the fact after the vote has been taken you can change the the Bocquet in like it simulates fourteen different lenses, which I find twisting so uses the the geometry of the aperture and and. Calculates in there. You can have depth effects which goes to as far as you can change the background. Don't need a green schooner anything because the camera knows where the background is. So this is kind of like Apple's own portrait mode, but on steroids. Steroids. Yeah. So again, it's it's a bit involved. But it is you can even do light effects like put a light source in in the three dimensional space in light of face something with it. So that is of very very in depth. Look at what the cameras do now with their multiple cameras in depth that they got from that it really is also a testament to the quality of the iphone everything not just the the land the sensor in the camera. But the processor in it because a lot of this is computational, right? It's the computer that's take on the image and doing stuff to exactly and with the depth information. Plus the photo that's what Pocos uses. I've been spending too much time playing with some of that end the third one is a bit of a fun one that it's just, you know, the guys, you know, jab the guys who did gem yoursel. Yes. Every year subscribe for Christmas. So I could send out jib jab Christmas cards with dad's a little app, they have a little apple called gift gap GIF GAB, which let's you make tiny little animated gifts that you can send out friends with with your face in them or their face in them on. I've actually made one of you. Go to go to Tf TTF dot com slash Easter. Leo. Aid. About thirty seconds summing. Now does this cost anything? No that one. I think is from. Subscribe to jib jab to use their features after you know, it's like five bucks a month. After a while. I'm thinking getting expensive. That's why stop until till the holidays, and they resubscribe and this one integrates into I message so you'll have to have heavy downloading quick now. Dow, actually, the I did have the other ones you mentioned already because I there's some really great. I phoned hammer apps those are two of the best, but I don't have gift gab or Jif jab depending on. Trevor depending on what I don't know how you pronounce jiffy. I guess how do you pronounce Jif? It's a give. Okay. Yeah. No discussion. You know, the guy who wrote it says Jif and everybody always says that to me, I always said gif. He said that like a hundred years later, he made it up retro pronunciation. Three great apps. I'll put links in the show notes to all three. So you can down on your iphone? There are very good Android camera apps to, but I have to say most of most of the really interesting stuff being done on the iphone right now. But I did point out that I on my S ten most of the pictures that I took that I liked the best in Hawaii were on my camera phone, not my fancy Sony nine camera with the expensive GM lens and all that stuff. Now. I was just my S ten..

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