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Who who can you say how much this would change this holiday? As if you're going to be sitting there watching mommy. Just she was the best serial shows the sandwich man by doing it like great jokes put on the deadliest sooner put on the bottle simply and go make some sandwiches crime crime. Jeremy this this is insane and again this is GonNa be very popular to the female audience address on the spirit because this this doesn't speak to the white majority the women out there for the most part with willing to spend that much money on a on a stationary bike. In first place. They WANNA workouts extent at home. Have the room. I'm for it. It's just so many if maybe and again. How big is maybe support? Maybe it's a point stimulus lemming kicks or a flight club. Because they've got high ticket ticket items they can afford not to so many of them because they're so one day essentially pay for their rent right if your flight club if you sell a couple an jewel fours you're basically covered for half a year ear. Pederson if they sell five or four of these machines and again how how often you have to change Peleton bike like is it like an iphone. They suddenly go. Do they. Suddenly become obsolete when the Peleton by four point zero comes out. Oh can you just use the same when you've had for five years. I don't know if you're not using it often. You probably won't get much where I've been pre show so you can get over the air updates on. It's just a bizarre and it's a common thing you see with them with these fashion. Fitness model type influences the women's market. They seemed to appeal to everyday person. which I don't get out of this could run in guys guys watching krona being influenced so I'm thinking that they're gonna get the same physique as every day by that says I've machine and just letting them get his money give them a couple? Give him a couple of months of instagram. And keep you moving. I finished some women that actually believe if they get one of these bikes at home. They're going to suddenly turn into engineer. Lee and this is like it's a bizarre because we folded these things are not cheap right to buy a concept to row machine for my replaces realize. Oh okay cool. I'll just I'll just carry on. June chemmy is no these items are not cheap in sleight. It's yeah I just don't get him every done stand but again bigger Peleton for doing this. I think the branding thing is pretty cool that they have. This item is product that essentially. Only you know you don't need. I don't think exercise bikes even had a brand name before Peleton came around maybe the constitutes a good example. The Roma she knows that no one ever cared about branding name Peleton of a stationary bicycle and personal. It's kind of a craze hotel behind the whole scene. David Beckham is probably the most prominent ambassador pellets. He's always going to classes or spin. Classes they use personal biases spin spin bicycles Trillo. But he's always going to class second shoes in hand in New York or travels in America. So that's a good thing but for the most part fought bloody home so very very bizarre thing that these things are so popular especially with the white majority of people who on unable to afford them. You know again. Maybe that's the whole point of branding him able to kind of give people the allusion the assumption. They're GONNA be able to fool somebody quickly con- it doesn't really appeal to them in the same regard Ngoga what can you do it at regardless move on from. Ns whilst we go and listen to talk about here ooh Dr in Studio City Studios Nyc so as you are aware deal did they pre full collection twenty pre collection yesterday Older Stars came out with a listen glamour. All the influences all the details but the most striking content. The striking breaking news of the whole event was the fact that Sean Sushi came out of retirement to lend his creative mind with Kim Jones's collection with your not obviously Kim Jones Street where roofs I'm really happy about Kim. Jones is probably one of the most unapologetic street where Aficionados fans phonetics on the freshman runway seen apart from maybe June Takahashi and and maybe to a certain extent Virgil is Tom. But for the most part ever knows a soft trying to push away district way influence. The street wear influences on the runway. I'm trying to return back to tailoring as a way to a dog whistle to get all the urban people out of the scene. That's my opinion. No No Sphinx. That but that's my opinion by that Kim Jones being an Ot district. We're finding somebody s obsessive. which as much as I am being a Gimme? Five alumni is able to kind of tap in and kind of bring these stools and bring these icons of free whereas poss- back into the forefront we saw previously with What at budgeted with Futura at bringing back chose to do that? Michael Jackson's by collection graffiti and stuff and now all he's doing some capture collections with him with Nike Collaboration. They've gotten some other genes studios and now seeing Jesuit same thing by bringing a essentially bringing them socio retirement and allowing him to kind of remind people just how much of a legend years and why he simplemente as your wife was usually left the susie. Brady's he's name say A. While back ago you started up. establ- amp ratio apply a couple of shoes. One pet. I bow before that quite cool buffered most by been pretty quiet. I had the pleasure of actually speaking to them a couple of times when I was working at previous company for collaboration women to do the didn't come fruit. But that was one of my things I look back on and really kind of proud about able to reach out. Tim Get some context and was able to talk to him. And kind of explain my project at the time it just didn't work out scheduling wise a complete gentleman real top guy and somebody who essentially you know what's it's Kinda excellent his own terms and live an idyllic life surfing and eating coconuts. So let's describe the whole collection. Lotta pictures up on here. I WANNA go through and we're going to get get to the main chunk of the situation which is of course the Jordan and STU assorted Jordan the Dr Nike Jordan at one collaboration once creaming themselves over. So let's go into these details number one of the F. Jordan. Og closer look them now. uncoached expansion and the first initial of view of life seen the trump is Scott picture of them and these productions here haven't hype beast. I'M GONNA go out. Fly Out in San Fan of the callaway just not fine on. It's not for me. I'm not involved. I think by and large off in the last few seasons or the last two years. We've probably seen enough Jordan one superbly losses of lifetime. I think Nike is for falling into a trap fell into in the early two thousands until maybe about two thousand ten. Where essentially no new ideas really coming out of the Nike Lab? They were kind of worried of of maybe test in the wars new models and were instead hell hell bent on putting out retro that for the most part really hitting the mark right. Richard they put out Amex light which I will never forgive Nike. Absolutely botching retro is one of the most popular Keke runners that hadn't been released a while AMEX's and when they put them out they completely Bush to toiling on them Bosnia. Personam look nothing similar to what these look like the all the beautiful the emotional the kind of power that came from the AMEX allows completely devoid when it just messed up the upper and made that with banana for a silhouette that we know and love their Nike Establishes and never really big letdown so in that area. They just regurgitate Jordan's era where we got Jordan's coming out the woodwork. Doc and ABC's Airway. And I remember Jordan brand being a little bit dismissive of the facts. Say That only GONNA put out certain amount and of course Mexico is the most important things on the crank up. The Machine Chandler got those Jones and now we've got inundated with over the place and now the most children in one is no special anymore. The value that a journal one once had the reason why these his influence is back in the day. Some of the people ever followed. I don't give a toss about going on buying. Og making really expensive or making everybody popular now. The whole appeal is gone. Wate by Jordan Adra One from ninety days. Now just unless you just ways to do it for your own your own vanity. For the most part you can't get a similar kind of look with certain coming out every other month so full of the value the item itself so that in that case looking. I'm kind of tired of it away from disappointed disappointed. It being Kim Jones to Jones as a big Jordan WanNa Aficionado. If you've ever read interviews of his when he's talking about Hirosho Charter collection. He's always wearing a pair of Jordan once for the most part the per nike's really for the most part. Basically these close connection with the people at Nike Fraser Cook and stuff. But it's a real disappointing callaway. I think overall a bit ties in a lot of its collection would check out later by calloway design. He could have done a lot more with. It is underwhelming again. Something that I think would only sell just because of the names are attached to it and do your job now. There is some notes to the fact that is taking inspiration from the bootleg air force. One era that we see back in the day Eh. What kind of taking offensive Gucci New Baton Effendi Fabric and so on the side of the swoosh? I'm sure people are familiar with Meteo sports woes. Do the same thing in the UK and other places probably the US doing it. So there's a lot that kinda notice it but as an overall shoe I probably would've wet benefits completely y y apples ones with the saw. The Eddie on the Swisher. The fabric as this grey tail up doesn't just not a fan of looking at the pictures here initial impressions just fine of Anniston figuring looks like good obviously to Jordan The audio emblem on the side of the wings on it which is a good nor there. It's got metal a tip on the lace which Gulu detail I like the piping. Actually that's that's the thing I do like the pipeline associates quite interesting. Maybe it'd been launched St Miami Basel might make some sense during the season. My make reason why. There's maybe there's Calloway looks this way and at the piping around Swisher before that Lewis quite call by over as a collaboration elaborations got Miami on the tag on the inside and of course the IC transition saw the bottom Britain with deal so again for the flossy boys kind of do that where Jordan six inference with skinny jeans and leather jackets. Probably perfect for you. If you're the kind of person assist on lounge chairs and members only clubs or one oak and.

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