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KTRE Houston's morning news continues with Jimmy Barrett and Shara fryer okay it may not have that the same the thrill factor is a live audience which we would have most Vegas had they held at their but still I thought it was a pretty good draft concerning thing was virtual couple notes from that number one Roger Goodell he has a really nice basement is basement is really nice look more like a TV set now the other thing I noted did you see work everybody that they had projected to go in the first round the NFL sent each of those players all thirty two hats from each NFL team do you have just so they they were covered no matter who ended up taking them there the thirty two hats that a district that is right for them that's a lot of hats and no big surprises interestingly enough you know did they were talking about the Detroit Lions maybe trading their third round pick moving down didn't do it New York Giants maybe trading their number four pick to to move down didn't do it everybody kept in their in their order and it went off pretty much without a hitch roundness to I got to is tonight in the Negev three and four coming up on Saturday five forty one time for traffic and weather together let's get you caught up on the driver's side we are looking northwest now it's to ninety the northwest freeway we're not too many that just yet Jones road into the west loop nothing doing now it's twelve minutes in and on the outbound side road work the outbound ramp to Gessner so while watch out there you'll have to take little York instead Cyprus in is eighteen minutes I'm Scott Mike in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center from R. T. R. H. keep cool with a R. S. twenty four hour weather center time to check in with meteorologist Terry spent lots of sunshine coming for the next few days Terry yeah right on through one day we are dry so I hope everybody gets a chance to get outside get some of that sunshine.

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