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And you can find out more about supporting the show it sam harris that orgy four support and you can see new events as they hit the calendar at sam harris i'd orgy four events he's an also joined my email list if you wanna hear about these things in a timely way okay and now for today's guest so today i'm speaking with tom nichols tom is a professor of national security affairs at the us naval war college and an adjunct professor at harvard extension school he's a former aide in the us senate two also a fivetime undefeated jeopardy champion and as one of the alltime top players in the game he was invited to the ultimate tournament of champions in two thousand five he's the author of several works on foreign policy an international security including the sacred cause no use nuclear weapons in us national security eve of destruction the coming age of preventive war and his most recent book which is the focus of our conversation is the death of expertise the campaign against establish knowledge and why it matters and we talk about the death of expertise took about the dunning kruger affect which many of you have probably heard about cover the growth of knowledge and are inevitable reliance on authorities all the while superseded i will talk about what to do when experts fail or how to think about the failure of expertise in various areas medicine in particular.

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