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Been involved in some sort of a gang here in the community, but as for the victim neighbors, and those who know him described him as a loving father, a member of this community and a hard worker. Neighbors say the man was just feet away from his home before he was shot animal rights activists will be marching. Los Angeles today, marking the ninth annual national animal rights day. The organizers are calling it a funeral March. It's in memory of the billions of animals killed every year for food research commercial products. And by hunters, the March starts at noon from Pan Pacific park at Beverly boulevard and Gardner street. It's gonna move along Beverly Fairfax and then head back to the park for a memorial ceremony. A five year old coronal go girl who was badly hurt. When someone in an SUV through glass bottle out her. She's slowly improving as doctors treat her cracked skull. She has broken collarbone. She has other injuries, but she still has a long hospital. Stay out of her. Meantime, the person who attacked her is still out there someplace somebody threw that bottle at the girl as she was walking home from kindergarten on Friday afternoon with her older. Brother and sister at happened on Lincoln avenue near Rincon street this sister tells CBS to the SUV then sped off, but another man who was driving by. Made a point of pulling over to help these stop any helped us cleaner up, and he waited with us, the whole time that SUV the bottle was thrown from possibly a Chevy Tahoe.

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