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Keeps think cougars twenty four to fourteen in houston who fall to six point five on the season at four four in the american athletic confrontation of course with their final game against the army looming it was a pretty tough game actually navy was up at the half or team a seven houston came out and scored 17 on answered in the 2nd half to beat navy 24 to fourteen behind bear quarterback hair king who threw for two hundred seventy seven yards and one touchdown and ran for two more for the houston cougars the key for houston was that the really kept navies vaulted wishbone attack on beer in check and old navy only ran for a total their total yards were two hundred ninety one bit usually average over four hundred yards whereas houston at three hundred eighty yards navies steal did win their time of possession thirty six minutes to 23 minutes and they want the turnover battle to one but there were just too many big plays a sixty one yard touchdown pass that king completed two stephen don bar as well as like i say his other uh touchdown pass and so they navy just kinda ran outta bullets auto there back adb who's the navy quarterback i only through for forty five yards malcolm perry ran for eighty two yards for those are really paltry numbers compared to what navy usually has houston just really had a pretty good there seven and four on the season five and three in the conference the defense of line really bottled up navies all offensive line and we're able to control the game and that was the key to the game really in in this case but nonetheless the midshipmen added another good season another winning season and we'll be going through ballgame this year that's good religious freedom we just looked at last weekend service academy football games and there aren't any this week but they're sure is a big one next weekend disster sharia denny if they'd like the pay the granddaddy of them all yeah made navy k wet uh i think he went i would agree is the greatest rivalry in college football i have made it uh it's still is truly emblematic of wet amateur athletics collegiate sports there are really all about there's a lot of mutual respect but there is a tremendous competition on both sides of the ball and you have both teams.

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