A new story from Why I'll Never Make It - An Actor's Journey


I get to be on podcasts. In my dressing room right But like a lot of the times. It's really hard work and no one sees the hard work that we put into our show work. Because you've been with us. It's two thousand fourteen five years to get where you are so i mean that that's a long time of kind of just making ends. Meet doing other things as you said so. Yeah it's not just one of these things where bam. I auditioned them in the broadway. Show now my life's man. It's not that's not to say that doesn't happen but but that's not the. That's not the norm most people it's like it's like this six show. That's how it happened. It was like damn broadway debut then. After that i was like. Oh no 'cause like. I was talking about this with someone else the other day that it's like inbetween all of my broadway shows flips. My hair like there. Were like like the one i did was five years ago. You know. there's a five year gap broadway shows. People like just assume. Like oh my god. You've been on broadway. You're just gonna be on broadway. I haven't been on broadway in five years. Yeah and it's like a short right you've had to live the life. Yeah in between them so with you. It's.

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