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So open in non to see in liz tamer than but the thing is like a few months later i started using those trains as weapons because the trains were hard in. Oh no yes commerce gate. Because i used to trump even the memory of that was good. Yeah yeah that's best best. Well let me go fast food so for me beforehand. I've never really had a real sort of like a great memories for christmas. Christmas person by thing probably the one that stands out to me. The most is when i was about seven years old and i got reunited with my mom and like brethren family in jamaica. Because i was in the states for a bit i was in foster care for about four years so in light of last focuses with my foster parents and you know like i like a lot of different stuff quebec family as well so it was a case of like i always kind of felt like not insignificant but influx matter a lock her child as much she was still take care stalking me presence and whatnot but then it did like i was kinda like the focal point and then when i'd actually did get reunited my mom back into make over in our siblings and whatnot. It was just a of like this home. Feeling mean we didn't have much in will pause hell in jamaica acapella back in the states. But i think just the fact that our with with them and i felt like i was really kind of connected home in. I mean that's feeling against took with me over the years of memory the console resonates with me the most terminent beautiful school i had i think with mine at to be very spotty short. Just a one point two. I think was being with my grandmother. The last christmas before she passed away you could and motta was enjoy every christmas. Because you never know what next shame may bring. And that said 'cause law family aunties and uncles. I do have a good relationship with my family. All yahoo So that particularly yeah ball. Uncles a fung for christmas. A phone a phone call. Listen question so i'll be funny because it would open up resist. Go and what down the treat because also that puts you all of them. Some of them were athletes and autumn. Things they're trying to say is so i'll bought them all different colors all for me. What was the for process that the joke is. I want to see the reaction on the face. Everybody open and what they're actually was one one opening that same says not the uncles offering. Not me late. You know one christmas vessel. I'd be glad you're gonna have you gone because five goose's ready facility up saying is that was one of bio kinda funny memories. Are we give gifts some funny. Things knows emphatic politically. I'm also we do. A raffle was well. So wherever pays win prizes and so forth so and my grandma by introduced it that tradition sit around four stars basic from the first november. Say it won't charge a pound for ticket and it gets very competitive for some people. Some people buy two books. And i'll try to say see gets really competitively by the prison and the phone in the tickets of that russell because this recipe book hands on deck christmas spirit of competitions as well so am best designing christmas cracker johnson sneaking. You said food more than once. She's trying to get every christmas so much fun. Time family is important. Come and go man. Come and go mia she come and go but your family is there to conclude guys. Yeah just wanna hear lack one last all in a statement go into the new year whole listens to know about you know about me. Yeah just one of those days as flick the here is. I'm just me. I am fee comparing very nice with mass. We've had a tough year. just enjoy. what's left of it and bring on twenty twenty one who for me. I've realized this year them actually stronger than i. Four hours and for me and in this year it's more or less not beating up myself. I know in that basically. I have family and friends around me supporting me. And just filling up in that. Love and the surrounded with positivity around me so i would say for those who are basically going through hard times i just said lean on your family and friends you know so yeah definitely definitely salad on a positive note media more who basically same assuming that this does know me. They've known how hard is he has been for me mentally. It's been one of the toughest years of ever had in my life. Okay well as i'm here. Smiling him alive so sexy okay. You know tape puffy on a serious note lousy said despite this being very difficult you notice for myself but for many many people If you are here keep going like his is life is difficult as a continuous journey. There's time for finger turnaround for things to get better. I wish you all a merry christmas happy new year. Twenty twenty one. We'll see what comes burn. Don't don't be disheartened by what happened to share this time. For things turn turnaround. Stay strong and we'll move forward. Bless bless bless him. I'm technically december's for anyone knows very positive person and Moist usually smiling laughing for me this year just to remain just remain positive. Be there for your family and friends. If you can casino you know people will find even know the fine and you know just message one day to say good morning or how you. That's how are you. You can that alone compliance. Someone's day yeah. I mean so. Stay impose from being there for each of like you come to christmas. Everyone comes together for some people that we know only time they can really come see people when you're not to me. Yeah so yeah.

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