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I'm in love with you now. They also quit, but then they get back together and they say levels? Yes, insane quitters in Laura if some Christmas songs. Yep. Link that in the show notes as well. All right. Sara, I am going to renew my not non crack potty like platform. Let's say that behind the music needs to be revived. I got sucked into like four of them in a row on YouTube. There are couple of channels that have liked the entire library. I will link one of them in the show notes. The formula is so affective, the fact that it's so predictable that it's like, okay, before the first commercial break, you have the overview and they're like cute kid photos, rapid rise to fame and then before the second commercially of excess at the top and seeds of dizzying fall and then dizzying fall, sometimes more dizzying falling. And then sometimes it does other times semi said, comeback, see the David Cassidy episode, which is, I mean, so grim. Knowing exactly what's coming. And we still like rewatch these regularly. Back in the day. It does nothing to sap it of its quote power that Redondo lists, fashions the and scanning of the photos. I love it. I get that the internet has basically replaced this kind of programming with itself. I get that reels, which is a channel that does end disea- and other high on the dial channels of that sort Heff their own niche alternatives because I who should be thrown on a compost heap for my taste and television half watched them. All the autopsy of the last days of the autopsy era. Harra. Well, camman it was for work wasn't for work just nosey. There is a place in this world for what we call hotel TV around here. This is the nonfiction programming. Jim in the hotel TV crown. I feel and I just think they should bring it back for a new era of his watching the Leif Garrett one today. Why was refreshed once again that it's pronounced Leif and he's reuniting with this guy whom he paralyzed driving drunk and high twenty years before that. And that episode aired twenty years ago. So there's a whole nother league generation have of pop music, fuck ups, like, where's? Where's the Britney Spears sewed come on because that's, I mean, that's a dizzying fall. And then semi said, come back to Vegas. Look, I'd watch it making it is alien banks alone. Yeah, come on anyway. I am not a crackpot and. Behind the music. It's great and you can find a link to them in our show notes and just the title card of the hall and old swan will bring you joy. Daryl hall's hair in the seventies is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy at least occasionally. For my plug in related news. I have another podcast in which I talk about pop music with Mark Blankenship strangely enough. This podcast is called barking Sarah talk about songs and in this week's episode, which as you're listening to this, we'll drop tomorrow. It is once again, death is not an option song dome in which Barkan I choose which of the following early nineties hits. We will allow to regain life is a highway by order of Manitoba honoree, Tom Cochran or John cicadas just another day, which just to be clear. It's not the video in which Sakata is suffering. Great, emotional torment with an unbuttoned shirt in carport in the desert. But rather the video in which the cut is suffering. Great, emotional torment with an unbuttoned shirt under a south beach palm tree. Okay. Listen and find out which survives Marcus highway talks. Is it? It is..

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