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T. you throughout this process and we will continue to do that. But again, there are multiple stakeholders who we have to take their views into consideration in abuser mixed even amongst different stakeholder groups, there are some teachers who are very ready to go back to school, and then there are some who are afraid and we definitely respect the opinions of all people in those groups, the same with parents, their parents. Will tell me I. Need My kids back in school remote learning didn't work for me and life wise. I have parents that say I want them back in school but I'm not yet comfortable with the plan. It is a dialogue. No one person has the right answer. No one group has the right answer. What we know about covert is that things change daily and that everybody has to be a part of the discussion that's everyone and I feel like just as like I said as a parent in Chicago and I can have this conversation with you all afternoon I feel like there's so much on the. Line when it comes to reopening our schools and what they're gonNA, look like in the fall one area to think about is just it's very difficult in Chicago and you know this and we've talked about this before just the idea of selective enrollment standardized testing and and getting into the right high school process for Chicago parents it it was disrupted. It was interrupted and we talked with Sarah Carp about this a little bit earlier in in the summer but just this idea that what are you gonNA. Do about that? What are we GONNA do about standardized testing and just a process that was already difficult for parents. How do you get that back up to speed and? Does it have to change there was disruption towards the N. luckily, we were maybe about ninety five percent of the way through the process. There were a little over one hundred families that still needed to test. We have a contingency plan in place for those families to test, and they will be offered seats based on their child's eligibility. So I can confidently say we closed out last school year in major that everybody who participated in a process on was given a fair shake. I'm in the same shake in order to get on acceptance into a high school or program throughout the. City as we think about next year, we will be sharing our ideas for our selective enrollment in lottery programs and options programs. So stay tuned for that. We're not ready to announce those plans, but we will have a plan in place to resume our selective enrollment in other choice programs back for that is as as we look at the idea of possibly bringing kids and teachers and staff back to a school, you talked about the safety precaution precautions and the protections. But just hypothetically one kid has has a positive case. One teacher has positive. One janitor has a positive case. Are you thinking about the contingency plans of what that means and we're seeing in other industries right now. But but how you will approach that if that indeed happens, yeah, I'm and that's outlined in our plan. So if we take a step back, the hybrid model that we're proposing seek to have no more than fifteen students in any individual pod at a time with that teacher. So if a student becomes positive with covert where contracts Kovic and they're in a particular pot, all of the students that have had close contact with that student, which would be our..

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