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2023 to common. Arrow Citizen Advisor Randy Boss lambasted the State Transportation Commission for what he says is illegally requiring those drivers to share the costs of other toll project. So let's just Nature capitals to stop what they refer to as an inequitable burden Born by these same toll rate payers, you can give your comments on the plans now, with the commission expected to vote in late August. Ryan Harris. Common News Come on news time. 3 34 and here's Marina Rock injure with an update on our traffic situation, traffic on the force from the juvenile law group Traffic Center. Well, I'm going to start actually in Everett right now, because we have a solid back up north and I five almost starting in Alder wood all the way up to the scene of a collision that's just south of 41st. In average. That's why we're seeing that massive back of the collision is blocking. The H O V lane. We have a new problem on westbound 5 20 at 92nd. There is a collision taking up the right lane. Both south pound I five into Seattle and outbound four or five minute Bellevue or a struggle. And then, of course, the big story today has been highway 18. So we have eastbound highway 18 a collision blocking all lanes. That was a semi that caught fires in that area due to a collision. So those eastbound lanes are blocked westbound just East of warehouses. Just one lane blocked at this point, so they are getting through. And then the ramps both directions of I five to eastbound highway 18 completely blocked solid. Bumper to bumper traffic north on I five out of five to highway 18 your next chemo traffic at 3 44. What a mess. All right, Thanks, Marina. Let's talk about the weather, which is a little calmer and Ambien, Coney, with the forecast help your loving our warm, mild and sunny weather out there this afternoon later on tonight,.

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