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SPK Sacramento seventy five and route and they make that seventy two at seventy five in Roseville and we got seventy two in Rancho Cordova business in many news Kelly brothers Genevieve's Burford and brothers California getting ready to reopen schools and bars and gyms as the recovery and re opening continues and we saw that today in the jobs number two and a half million new jobs added the expectation was we're going to lose a few million more jobs in the month of may we added two and a half million half of them in hospitality and leisure as restaurants and hotels began to a ticket to come back and flights took to the air once again the unemployment rate came down to thirteen point three percent so it was another blow out day so much so apple hit a new record high of what three thirty a share I believe it was it got down to well below two fifty share if you go back to late March so a nice run for apple and the nasdaq overall hitting a new record high again today just amazing where some of these averages are considering the economy while rebounding is still in much rougher shape than it was for five months ago let's check the final numbers Dow up eight twenty nine at twenty seven thousand one eleven nasdaq up one ninety eight at a record ninety eight fourteen the S. and P. up two and a half percent gold down over forty sixteen eighty three announced ten year bond yield point eight nine percent thanks to Kelly there and now the city of Sacramento remaining under lockdown tonight we'll see what's happening with those protesters that are out there right now they're protesting last week's death of George Floyd of course KP care the Memorial Day death gave the case John Michaels joins us live in studio with the latest on curfews and demonstrations okay at this hour hundreds are gathered in Sacramento's pocket neighborhood some sitting others lying in the street and around the intersection of green haven drive and green star way Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg lives in the neighborhood he's not attending the event he says he doesn't want to be a distraction we are told that he is at home we're also seeing demonstrators at the state capitol a group calling itself Muslims for black lives is gathered on the last one they're expected to walk with black lives matter activists to Cesar Chavez park and notable tonight view gallery in Cesar Chavez is a member of Brianna Taylor the woman who was shot by police in her Louisville apartment today l'or would've been twenty seven years old today there was a separate gathering on the east side of the capitol this afternoon it focused on breathing and meditation we'll be keeping an eye on things as the evening progresses again the curfew in effect until eight o'clock tonight in the city of Sacramento officials hoping to prevent the violence and looting that riled the capital city last weekend but councilman Steve Hansen wants to have a curfew lifted we've seen over the last four nights a relatively uneventful silent protests they're passionate and they're right just and that's what the first amendment is all about but what we also have seen is a greater recognition that some of the actions that were taken early in the week or no longer necessary Hanson says officials refused to lift the curfew he like the hours to be modified there are also some concerns about keeping businesses open and now while the curfew currently Kitty starting at eight o'clock their understanding that there may be some modifications to the hours tomorrow it could be pushed back to two ten o'clock but again nothing particular in terms of specific on that yes we do have other city of west Sacramento lifting its curfew over the weekend that's effective immediately no curfew tonight or this weekend in west Sacramento and finally how bout this thousands of servers across the globe holding paddle out in memory of George flight they're paddling out forming the shape of a heart with their boards get a job Michael things coming up the hand off from the Cape okay afternoon new to Pat will show traffic and weather stories trending now on news ninety three point one KPK live everywhere in the I heart radio app more more things we open depend on the place that's never been closed to know the latest we've been here all along helping you keep your family safe with up to the minute information about the coronavirus.

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