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Talking about attorney general the Commonwealth Virginia, Mark herring. He was on yesterday for the first time in an interview he did with an NPR Phillies. It was asked about why he went after Ralph Northam when he had a flat face situation himself in his past. How dare you call first resignation take a lesson? Nevertheless, you call for governor Ralph northbound's resignation after his yearbook photo paid surface. Did you know about the possibility of a photo of you? Or did you remember that you had one black vist prior to making that statement about northern? Well, yeah. As I said a few minutes ago when the governor's yearbook photo came out that Friday night. I was shocked and also crushed for Virginia. Because I knew how much that was going to hurt and how much the wounds that would be reopened with that. And the governor had said that he was in the photo, he apologized for it. And when that came out, I also fought whether I would need to have a public reckoning for that. The next day. The governor came out with a different in a contradictory account and. That was when there was an erosion of of trust. And that was really what my statement was about that Saturday night. It was really he wasn't happy with the whole Michael Jackson thing. I think the moonwalk was. But he never answered the question. Did you notice the question was about him not about the governor? Are you a hypocrite? Exactly what the question was. And he's he's he's ready to be governor because he turned that right around into what the other guys bet. Yeah. Turn that. Right into the governor all about the governor..

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