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Now Cone top of the key three short rebound battle four and hub grabs it at the top of the key over the big Court. Strike hop all the way to the hoop for the scoop shot that is up to no good Tony Sanders with the rebound up a good so the freshman keeping the Irish a little life and it's 50 37 13 Point lead for Virginia Tech. And folks, that's a good sign. Both freshmen showed some things tonight played with good effort in Hustle this whole team. Comes back next year, and they're joined by The player of the year, the reigning player of the year from the Ivy League transferring in next year because there is no Ivy League Play this year and all the Ivy leagues not playing in the pandemic. So you're kind of you. You're looking at the season two ways. Now you want to try to do as well as you can, obviously, about the only way to make the incidentally tournament right now, unless you just run. The table is to win the A C C tournament, but you also want to build. This is a class that came in extremely highly rated. Four guys in the top 100 the first time that's happened in the MiCabrera, The top of my head. I may be the first time ever and part of that might be because back in the sixties and seventies, they didn't have recruiting rankings. But you want guys to make the most of every opportunity. And hopefully that's exactly what happened in terms of those two young guys getting some quality minutes here tonight. So here's a lot Virginia, Texas, Donna tonight. We'll be Sabeti three points. We told you he was a past first. Guard. He missed all six of his shots from three point land in. A lot of those were in the second half when they were just burning clock and he ended up with the ball with the shot clock about to run out. He had three assists, two steals, No turnovers and 32 minutes. Hey, Moline ended up being the leading scorer for Virginia Tech 15 points. He's a very athletic guy. He's not spectacular, but he's one of those guys who's always kind of under the radar. Then you look up and he's been incredibly Productive. He ended up with the team high 15 points. He came in averaging two rebounds. He 64 but he was a 50 50 ball guy Tonight. He got nine rebounds. He had five assists. So not just because he scored the most points, but You know, he and Kev a la Luna, where their most valuable players alumina five of 10 shooting 14 points. 12 rebounds, three offensive. Three block shots in a steel for the 69 alumina Jalen Cohn, who started because Radford suspended and hurt the Irish big time. In the first game from three point land. He was four of 10 from three and had 18 and Blacksburg against the Irish. Ours wanted to take him out tonight. They did. He only had three points, one of five from 31 of six overall. He had one rebound with a blocked shot and assist two steals. And a couple of turnovers, but he was effective Justin Months effective. Two double double 14 points. 11 rebounds, so too tech players Got double doubles in a game where they only scored 62 points. I thought they let months Dragons pivot foot and get a little bit too physical inside. But he was very effective. Tip your cap. He also had three block shots and three assists so much alumina. Cone all very good. Let's go into the media room now, and Prentiss hub is meeting with the media. Yep. All right. First question will go to Tom Noi. Cell demoralizing is that when they punch in the mouth so early the way they did tonight? I mean, kind of tough, I mean, Shots were really fallen, and they came out really aggressive. I mean, but I think that we, uh way fall back a little bit on that first half. We've gotta tow nine points, so I think we Lord. Next double Go Patrick angle. Going to see what point in that first half did you kind of realize decide they're gonna take it upon yourself. When you Attacked off the dribble and keep some threes to try to get you guys going. I mean, I just wanted to make one in place for my teammates. See that everybody shot smartphone. Um They were trying to take away our jobs and stuff like that. So I just had to take it upon myself to try toe do whatever I can to make him my teammates win. Back to Tom Nolan. Honest once they're going to take the beat a team that's above you in the league standings this season. These guys play hard. Go to Patrick Angle. Seven played them twice this year. What makes their defense hard to hard to crack? Oh, Just like really good defense on they get up in pressure US and Stuff, but I think that we kind of beat ourselves a little bit of not being able to make shots that we usually make in the last couple games that we've been playing. I am, but they're they're ball pressure and Physicality. Thank very much. Prentice. Thanks for joining us Prentiss hub in the media room, doing what captains need to do, and that has come out and answer public questions. After a poor performance Now, Prentiss wasn't necessarily poor. But at this level, the individual stats don't matter. And Prentiss is not that kind of guy. I've been Through a few guys that were like that over the years, but very few British would much rather had no points here tonight. And a win, but Prentiss makes some good points. This Notre Dame team is going to Have to figure out a way. To beat these kinds of defense's Because now both Virginia Tech and Virginia have swept Notre Dame with a pack line like defense, and now.

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