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Yup. Trying to get me to do the low Seacrest. And I couldn't do it. I'll step in. I really don't want deadline for this gift. I really read a release date and everything. Studio already locked artist feel when they have like a hard deadline because I was like oh the pressure. I feel right before you get into your artistry. Tell me what about this bromance? Okay. So Jason momoa, we know him. He's going to be an aquaman which comes out December twenty first by the way. But not only is he like a manly man hot hunk of burning love. He's also a dude's dude, which makes me love him, even more. So Jason momoa is married to Lisa Bonet. Who was married to Lenny Kravitz? Okay. So Lenny Kravitz is his wife's ex. Okay. He posted this photo that he got he got them both matching bone skull rings, the two of them like matching bro rings, or whatever. And then money Kravitz also posted a selfie of him with Jason momoa. You know, how like when you're in a green room are like when you're either like a gas or something on a show. They put your name on a door posted a picture of him adjacent memo's name on the door saying like, here's what do you say? My brother doing his thing right now. So they're like fully having this bromance? And thought about it. I was like if I ended up marrying a guy that had an ex wife. I would totally do this. I could totally see myself like getting us like matching rings and being like. Right. Yeah. Right. I mean, it helps that it's link Kravitz like makes you want to be friendly ex. I think that the more that there's happiness and peace the better like if you can do it. You should be able to. He clearly can it's accepted by Lenny. I mean, it would be great. If when you get married, please introduce us to your husband's.

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