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Of any population and such skepticism may be magnified when it comes to something you're gonna put in your mouth. A great example for me is pasteurized milk. The economists Douglas Southgate again in the United States and other countries. Lots of kids used to die from drinking raw milk raw out that had been exposed to flies or whatever, pasteurization came along that entire source of Marty went away. And yet there were people who swore up and down that they were never going to consume pasteurize. They claimed it, it didn't have the same attritional properties. Didn't taste the same. It was in one way or another undesirable. There are still some raw milk advocates, but most people Southgate says most people ended up drinking pasteurize milk, and I just have a hunch that if we produce. Substitute for the cabinet or if we improve the cabbage by moving in a gene from some other banana, people will have a tough time, telling the difference in the product will win acceptance the big companies like Chiquita or to be fair most big companies in any industry period. They're pretty risk averse. Honestly, the can't afford to not be. But there's another reason James Dale is not surprised that Chiquita's resistance to his banana proposals. The big banana companies. Unfortunately, have had a history of not being terribly innovative. They much react to, they don't run big research and development divisions. Yeah. We talked to them, they take more of let's just say what's going to happen reaction. So how does too key to see a path forward for the endangered Kevin dish banana? We believe the puff towards this is that faith through improving breeding techniques. We. We feel the, the logical first place for us as a leading branded premium quality to go is to try and go down in a very sophisticated and very organized and very thorough way, the plant breeding route and James stales response to that there's an exceptionally, good breeding programs going on in the wealth. But you don't end up with Kevin you end up with something different to Kevin dish. And so if we want to replace Kevin dish, with something probably very, very different will probably get that, from the conventional breeding programs. So if you wanna have the cabin dish in the future. If you wanna have Kevin dishing twenty ton that probably gonna be genetically modified that probably gonna be Jane edited that makes it sound as if the Kevin dish as we know it may well be headed for extinction, depending on the banana, companies decisions and the public's response to genetic modification so four the billions of people who eat trillions of bananas, a great many of them, Kevin dish. How panic should they be where the industry would say this Pedic the will not run into this? But what about the Kevin dish banana? Okay. What I think we're going to have to probably confront is actually having more varieties of bananas available in the future, as we protect the farming of bananas. We're going to have to get used to how we can actually grow and commercialize and the new the districts for different bananas..

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