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Segment called. Keep moving if you want to discuss the topic. Say hit the brakes. If not. We'll move and Tang I tame one of Cam. Newton's former teammates had some interesting statements about his relationship with the panthers moving the sonus. What might Tolbert had to say about the way the Panthers Tree Cam quote? They've been doing him wrong. Timing wise for the past two or three years if you ask me. It goes back to his shoulder injury. Everyone knew his shoulder was messed up in the middle of the year two years ago but they wait until off season gets ready to start to have Schultz. Solar surgery makes no sense. You also discussed the foot and he also discussed. The timing of Wind Cam was released is Tolbert. Have a point that the pants kind of Dunkin's definitely has a point about when he was released. The other parts of basically playing through injury. Those are choices that players often make to be there for their team and to play the sport that they love that they get paid to do for a living and he's an MVP of this league. He led the team to the Super Bowl. Ido We're having this conversation if the chargers had picked them up like many anticipated or if the Patriots ultimately picked him pick him up. If they're going to do so we will be talking about how Bill Belichick is going to. Mole Cam Newton but says he isn't picked up and he has injury history and they changed ownership you know what have you changed ownership? You Change Philosophy so they all of that worked against Cam. He will be back in the league. He will be a top team quarterback again and he's going to be playing at a hall up. It's only a matter of weeks until right here on this show where announcing the Cam Newton has signed to a new team. It's not gonNA take too long moving on. The dolphins may little statement about what they planned to do with to. He moved to hit the brakes. You really really doing this to me are you. Really does just keep moving. I watch you cry. Let's move. Let's let's I'll make the decision for you. Save you from you to sell them. Even move move Devon Booker and Kendall. Jenner have been spotted. Oh this looks like they spent Memorial Day together some pictures from Paparazzi of the two of them driving around in a nice Mercedes wagon. What do you think about this potential young couple? I love for this book. I'm happy to see him living his best life. She definitely has a tight. If you look back at our history but is currency. They both getting bridge. She got more than his. Your best one. Andre Drummond formed. The Pistons did something. I've only seen you do before. And that is just absorbent amount. And Audrey coming out of quarantine restaurant and service. People have been hit hard by this pandemic and he put a thousand dollars on top of one hundred sixty four dollar check jalen. I'M GONNA go negative Jacobean on this. You don't do that. Here's what you don't do that for you. Don't give one thousand dollars to one server. You give a thousand dollars to the whole place spread this throughout to the staff. You know what I mean because you can't just have salad going home with a thousand dollars and Sara goes home with ten dollars so I just really think that. This is his heart's in the right place but execution he'll learn over time it's better to give two hundred dollars to five thousand dollars. I what do you think I know where you're going. We'll take it from a serial. Tiffany shout the chair. Joe Seco who did something. Similar recently Andre Drummond sponsor of JR A. But here's the thing if you give one thousand to one person it's a game changer. That's what you've got to think about if you give a hundred dollars to ten people in ain't much as much of a game changer. You get fifty dollars to twenty people in as much of a game changer. One thousand to one person that could pay some rent well. The Michigan wilburns football team on the commitment from a game changing prospect and Jim Harbaugh and some of his coaches celebrated by doing this. Jalen rose doing cartwheels poorly executed cartwheel. Do you think about Harbaugh's boss. That's.

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