Dana White, Anderson Silva, Forrest Griffin discussed on ESPN Radio Saturday


When you hear those details can't help but wonder if we cutting had anything to do with it. I was told yesterday best camp felt great. Look great nothing was out of the ordinary. And now you hear this and you can't help. But think maybe it's another way cutting casualty let's go back to the phone lines. Hear from some of you. I need you as much as you need me. Because like I said at the top of the show. This was a to fight card. And now we're down to one fight is route assign every zanthosyn Silva Joe in Houston. What's up my man, man area? What's up? I haven't talked to you in a while. It's good to hear from you. What's on your mind? Man, craziest sports follow that. We saw the man that just can happen a day of the event. But I want to ask, you Anderson, man. Buddy of mine. The other day just talking about all the crazy finishes the crazy sites amazing performances from this guy. And I just wanna know how you will remember him. You know, had the PD things we have now if you ask me he's kind of fighting on too long, maybe should acquit little. Although after all, those great performances, how're you? Remember areo? Our you remember and today. Well, you know, it's a good question because he's had so many different chapters in his career. I would be lying. If I said that the PD stuff doesn't come to mind pretty early on when I think of interesting, but yeah, I think of him clowning opponents the Forrest Griffin one. That one that was quintessential Anderson Silva, I think of that. But I also think of you have won twelve when he was clowning gaming Mayan. Dana white was very upset. I ninety seven when he tells ladies and Dana what was very upset. So there was some great moments. There were some frustrating moments. But yes, he was brilliant. He's the guy who fought pretty much everyone. What he did to rich Franklin breaking his nose? Devastating him with those knees when he beat Chris LeBron the strumming the guitar and dancing for the longest time. He was one of those guys where you just couldn't quite figure out what's going on in his mind the chill Sunan feud. I thought brought out the best in him coming back with two minutes left in that fight and submitting chill and then doing what he did in the rematch. So certainly one of the greatest ever, but a guy who I would say at this point somewhat polarizing, and if you're not at least bringing up the PD stuff in the second or third sentence. I don't think you're being one hundred percent honest..

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